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Loomis was an ex-pilot and tertiary antagonist in Firestorm where he was played by Tom McBeath.


Loomis was a pilot prior to turning to a life of crime. This led to his incarceration at the Wyoming State Penitentary. While he was there, he was approached by fellow prisoner Davis to aid in a prison break, and Loomis agreed.

A forest fire erupted near the prison so a group of convicts were put on a bus and taken out to the woods to assist a crew of firemen in battling the blaze. On the bus, Packer was introduced to his co-conspirators; former wrestler Karge, serial rapist Packer, the nervous Wilkins and group leader Randall Shaye.

They reached a group of firefighters facing the fire, and all the convicts got off the bus. Wilkins provided distraction while Shaye knocked a prison guard and the others took the remaining guards, convicts and firemen hostage. Shaye killed Wilkins and framed a dead prison guard before they all stole the clothes of the firefighters and made off into the wilderness.

The group encountered Jennifer, a bird watcher trying to escape the burning forest, and they agreed to accompany her to the supply post. Suddenly, smokejumper Jesse Graves landed nearby and warned the gang that they were walking towards a back fire he had lit. He then went with them to the supply post.

At the supply post, Shaye revealed that they were criminals and sent Karge to kill Jesse in the supply post. He ordered Packer and Loomis to take Jennifer to a nearby car and wait for him. In the car, she wrapped a seatbelt around Loomis' neck and tried to pull a gun on Packer, only to find that it was not loaded. Shaye then arrived and told the group that Jesse had killed Karge (although he had actually killed Karge himself) and they drove away.

Jesse sprang a trap on the unsuspecting escapees and rescued Jennifer. As she now knew their escape plan, Shaye determined that she needed to be killed. Loomis pursued Jesse, who was on a motorcycle, and Jesse threw a chainsaw through the windshield. Loomis had to stop the car, causing the chainsaw to fall away. He then sped up, just as Jesse and Jennifer drove right over a hill and parachuted into a river below. Loomis swerved and crashed the car, forcing the group to continue on foot.

The gang had to cross a ridge, with Packer walking ahead and Loomis and Shaye trailing behind. Shaye asked Loomis about his time in the service and Loomis started to tell him abut it. Shaye then said that he wondered if Loomis could really fly and grabbed him. Before he knew, Shaye shoved Loomis right over the edge and he fell to his death on a rock below. Shaye told Packer that Loomis had slipped and died accidentally.