File:DHS- first package witness (Patrick Bristow) in Detonator (2003).pngFile:DHS- flight attendant Gwen (Lupita Nyong'o) in Non-Stop.pngFile:DHS- flight attendant Nancy (Michelle Dockery) in Non-Stop.png
File:DHS- flight captain in Executive Decision.jpgFile:DHS- flight instructor in Executive Decision.jpgFile:DHS- flight passenger Charles Wheeler (Frank Deal) in Non-Stop.png
File:DHS- flight passenger Travis Mitchell (Corey Hawkins) in Non-Stop.pngFile:DHS- foreign girl in Executive Decision.jpgFile:DHS- foreign movie poster for taking of pelham one two three ver7.jpg
File:DHS- from dusk till dawn ver2 movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- gangster Valentin (Robbie Coltrane) in 007 GoldenEye film.pngFile:DHS- hitman and anti-hero Jimmy Bobo (Sly Stallone) in Bullet to the Head (2012).png
File:DHS- hooded Chechen .jpgFile:DHS- hostage beat up by the Chechens.jpgFile:DHS- kingsman the secret service poster.jpg
File:DHS- main Nazi villain Diego (Joe Estevez) in Mexican American (2007).pngFile:DHS- main villain (Ajay Devgn) in TEZZ (2012) finale scene.pngFile:DHS- main villain Ben Shaheed (Nicholas Kadi) in Navy SEALs.jpg
File:DHS- main villain Richie (William Forsythe) in Out for Justice.pngFile:DHS- main villain Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott) in Mission Impossible 2.jpgFile:DHS- max payne poster 1.jpg
File:DHS- mi-ghost-protocol-4 movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- movie poster for 2010 unstoppable ver4.jpgFile:DHS- njured FBI agent Gardner in Detonator (2003).png
File:DHS- obese Chechen thug in Executive Decision.jpgFile:DHS- obese Chechen with AK-47 (played by Eddy Donno).jpgFile:DHS- officer Jim Street (Colin Farrell) in S.W.A.T. (2003).jpg
File:DHS- producer Jerry Bruckheimer.jpgFile:DHS- psycho Waingro (Kevin Gage) in Heat (1995).jpgFile:DHS- publicity still for AGENT RED.jpg
File:DHS- rapper actor Common.jpgFile:DHS- reporter Mark Kriski.jpgFile:DHS- reporter Mark Kriski in Speed 2.jpg
File:DHS- robber Chris (Val Kilmer) in Heat (1995).pngFile:DHS- rookie officer Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke) in Training Day.pngFile:DHS- stolen ver4 movie poster alternate.jpg
File:DHS- street kings ver4 alternate movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- stunt actor Al Leong.jpgFile:DHS- stunt actor Eddie Matthews (Speed, Hijacked, OHF, .jpg
File:DHS- stunt actor Woon Young Park.jpgFile:DHS- stunt man and director Rick Avery.jpgFile:DHS- stuntman Adam Hart.jpg
File:DHS- stuntman Viktor Ivanov (Executive Decision, Speed 2).jpgFile:DHS- stuntman and stand-in actor Mark Riccardi (Broken Arrow, Swordfish, Die Hard 4, Hostage).jpgFile:DHS- stuntwoman Robin Lynn Bonaccorsi.jpg
File:DHS- terrorist 2 who also kills FBI agent in Detonator (2003).pngFile:DHS- terrorist 7 sniping at FBi agents and killed by FBI sniper in Detonator (2003).pngFile:DHS- terrorist 8 (punk) in Detonator (2003).png
File:DHS- terrorist mastermind Tom Bowen (Scoot McNairy) in Non-Stop.pngFile:DHS- terrorist no. 4 trying to escape in truck in Detonator (2003).pngFile:DHS- terrorist no. 5 with uzi (Dominique Vandenberg) .png
File:DHS- terrorist villains seen in The Fourth Angel (2001).jpgFile:DHS- triple-9-character-poster.jpgFile:DHS- unnamed Chechen criminal in Executive Decision.jpg
File:DHS- unseen character template.jpgFile:DHS- villain Colonel Tan-Sun Moon - Gustav Graves.jpgFile:DHS- villain Salim Abu Aziz (Art Malik) in True Lies (1994).jpg
File:DHS- villain Selena (Francesca Neri) in Collateral Damage.jpgFile:DHS- witness Sharona Brown (Terri J. Vaughn) in Detonator (2003).pngFile:DHS- writer Graham Yost.jpg
File:DHS- writer James DeMonaco.jpgFile:DHS- writer Jonathan Hensleigh.jpgFile:DHS- writer Richard Wenk.jpg
File:DHS- writer Skip Woods (of Swordfish and Die Hard 4 and 5 fame).jpgFile:DHS- writer and director Gareth Evans.jpgFile:DHS- writer and producer Steve Latshaw.jpg
File:DHS- xXx State of the Union movie poster (alternate).jpgFile:DHS- xXx movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- zero-tolerance-movie-poster-1993-1020503932.jpg
File:DHS- Željko Ivanek in 24.jpgFile:DHS- Željko Ivanek in Die Hard 4.jpgFile:DHSWiki.png
File:DHS - Bullet to the Head alternate movie spread poster.jpgFile:DHS Chain of Command- Michael Biehn and Tom Wright.jpgFile:DHS Mission- Impossible - Operation Surma game cover.jpg
File:DIE-HARD 243x222.jpgFile:DIE HARD 2 William Sadler Blocked.jpgFile:DIE HARD 5 vs BULLET TO THE HEAD vs THE LAST STAND - 3 Trailer --SIDE-BY-SIDE-- Comparison
File:DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE TRAILERFile:Daniel Harper.pngFile:Danny-Trejo-Johnny-23.jpg
File:Dark-knight-batman-cuts.jpgFile:David Ayer wiki- car ride scene in Training Day.pngFile:David Hasselhoff in "Die Hoff" AKA Gridlock (TV movie)
File:Dead Man's Trigger Ep. 6 That Stupid Face... (New Action Drama Web TV Series)File:Dead Man's Trigger Episode 1 The Chase (New Action Drama Web Series)File:Dead Man's Trigger Episode 2 The Information (New Action Drama Web Series)
File:Dead Man's Trigger Episode 3 Time (Action Drama)File:Dead Man's Trigger Episode 4 Where There's a Goon... (New Action Drama Web Series)File:Dead Man's Trigger Episode 5 The Shootout (New Action Drama Web Series)
File:Deadly Outbreak poster.jpgFile:Deadly Takeover TrailerFile:Death Train Trailer
File:Death Train trailerFile:Deceased Henderson.jpgFile:Denzel Washington.jpg
File:Derailed Review by Decker ShadoFile:Derailed Trailer 2002 Movie Starring Van DammeFile:Derailed poster.jpg
File:Desert Thunder 1999File:Desperate Measures Trailer HQ (1998)File:Detention (2003) Official Trailer 1 - Dolph Lundgren HD
File:Detonator-8-rcm0x1920u.jpgFile:Dfdddf 8e277644736a4a6599c2e889ccf4f970-mv2.pngFile:Die-Hard Bruce.jpg
File:Die-hard-screenplay-006.jpgFile:Die-hard-with-a-vengeance-L-3U58dh.jpegFile:Die-hard-with-a-vengeance samuel l. jackson bruce willis .jpg
File:Die-hard Holly.jpgFile:DieHard.pngFile:DieHard1988Bruce.jpg
File:DieHard2.pngFile:DieHard 189Pyxurz.jpgFile:DieHardwithaVengeanceposter01.png
File:Die HArd 2 Holly.pngFile:Die Hard- Han's crew.jpgFile:Die Hard2 Grant.jpg
File:Die Hard2 Grant1.pngFile:Die Hard2 Major Grant.pngFile:Die HardHolly on the plane to DC.jpg
File:Die Hard (1988) BTS with Rickman, Willis and McTiernan.jpgFile:Die Hard - John McClane meets Hans.pngFile:Die Hard 1 1.jpg
File:Die Hard 1 3.pngFile:Die Hard 1 4.jpgFile:Die Hard 1 5.jpg
File:Die Hard 1 6.jpgFile:Die Hard 1 7.jpgFile:Die Hard 2General Esperanza.jpg
File:Die Hard 2 - Get ready to call the marines.jpgFile:Die Hard 2 - Official TrailerFile:Die Hard 2 - Zippo.jpg
File:Die Hard 2 Bruce1.jpgFile:Die Hard 2 Bruce Holly.jpgFile:Die Hard 2 Gennero.jpg
File:Die Hard 2 Lorenzo.jpgFile:Die Hard 2 ReviewFile:Die Hard 3 - Die Hard With A Vengeance Copter Chase
File:Die Hard 3 Katya.jpgFile:Die Hard 4 - Live Free or Die Hard End FightFile:Die Hard 4 actor Chris Ellis.jpg
File:Die Hard 5 Trailer 3File:Die Hard 8.jpgFile:Die Hard Bruce2.jpg
File:Die Hard Colone Stuart 2.jpgFile:Die Hard Colonel Stuart 600px-DH2-MP5A5-1.jpgFile:Die Hard Ellis2.jpg
File:Die Hard Ellis Coke.jpgFile:Die Hard Harry.jpgFile:Die Hard Harry Ellis2.jpg
File:Die Hard Holly2.jpgFile:Die Hard Holly John.jpgFile:Die Hard Holy3.jpg
File:Die Hard Karl.jpgFile:Die Hard ReviewFile:Die Hard Scenario wiki- Robert Davi.jpg
File:Die Hard Scenario wikia- Ice T.jpgFile:Die Hard Scenario wikia- James Lew.jpgFile:Die Hard Theo.jpg
File:Die Hard Theo1.jpgFile:Die Hard Theo2.jpgFile:Die Hard Theo3.jpg
File:Die Hard Theo4.PNGFile:Die Hard Trailer (1988)File:Die Hard five-pack of Blu-Ray discs.jpg
File:Die Hard producer Joel Silver.jpgFile:Die Hard scenario.jpegFile:Die Hard with a Vengeance - McClane in wall street 2.jpg
File:Die Hard with a Vengeance ReviewFile:Die Hard with a vengeance Bruce Willis.jpgFile:Die Hard with a vengeance Bruce Willis2.jpg
File:Die hard4 10 Colone Stuart.jpgFile:Die hard - Karl Fight sceneFile:Die hard .jpg
File:Die hard 2.jpgFile:Die hard 2 McClane in air vent.jpgFile:Diehard-Bruce1.jpg
File:Diehard9.jpgFile:Dieselxxx2.jpgFile:Diplomatic Siege - Trailer
File:Diplomatic Siege USA Movie TrailerFile:Dolph-president baker peacekeeper.jpgFile:Dolph Lundgren -- "Command Performance" -- Trailer
File:Dolph Lundgren in Die Hard-like movie Command Performance.jpgFile:Donnie Wahlberg - The Kill Point 2007File:Dougray-scott-in-mission -impossible-ii-(2000)-large-picture.jpg
File:Dougray scott mission impossible II.jpgFile:Download.jpgFile:Dr. Martin Adler in Pandora Project.png
File:Dredd (2012) - Dredd vs. ChanFile:Dredd Exclusive Trailer Debut HDFile:Dredd Featurette (2012) - Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby Movie HD
File:Dseage.jpgFile:Eddie J. Fernandez as delivery guy in The Unit 1x05.jpgFile:Eddie J. Fernandez as sniper in The Unit 2x03.jpg
File:Edmunds jack bauer keifer 24 season 3 three nina myers.jpgFile:Elephant-portrait.pngFile:Equalizer 2014 movie poster Version 5 xlg.jpg
File:Eraser ver2.jpgFile:Esq-mclane-xlg.jpgFile:Ethan Hawke Wallpaper JxHy.jpg
File:Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) in MI3 hmed 1p.hmedium.jpgFile:Ethan Hunt Dangling Cruise.jpgFile:Ethan Hunt in MI2.png
File:Ethan Hunt in MI4 .jpgFile:Ethan mi3.jpgFile:Evelyn Salt in a firefight shoot out.jpg
File:Evelyn Salt in car.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Exclusive Tiger House Trailer Lands
File:Executive Decision Demou.jpgFile:Executive Decision Review by Decker ShadoFile:Executive Target trailer
File:Executive decision poster.jpgFile:Exit Speed TrailerFile:Express pour l'enfer (Jeff Fahey,action) trailer VF par TheNinjacyborg.avi
File:FIN02 Dredd 1Sht Tsr Profile P2.jpgFile:Falcon Down TrailerFile:Fallout Frank Zagarino 1999
File:Fanmade account of 24 villains in Seasons 5, 6 and 7.jpgFile:Favicon.icoFile:Feature MissionImpossible3-med.jpg
File:File-Jason Statham TIFF 2011.jpgFile:Final Voyage (1999) - Red Band Trailer SDFile:Fire Down Below Review
File:Firestorm poster.jpgFile:Firetrap (2001) trailerFile:Firewall main movie poster.jpg
File:Fishburne.preview.jpgFile:Flag of North Korea.svg.pngFile:Flag of South Korea.svg.png
File:Flag of the United Kingdom.pngFile:Flag of the United States.pngFile:Flightplan theatrical poster.jpg
File:Forbes.jpgFile:Forum new.gifFile:Franbaby.png
File:Frank Castle The Punisher by Monta.jpgFile:Freedom Strike (1998) trailerFile:Frye.gif
File:GarberDieHard2.gifFile:Gary oldman air force one.jpgFile:GeneralClegg.jpg
File:GeneralFrankHummel.jpgFile:GeneralRadek.jpgFile:Gerard Butler younger pic.jpg
File:Gideon Emery.jpgFile:Gina Carano on Almost Human.jpgFile:Glenn-close-air-force-one 480 poster.jpg
File:Glock17-CA-2.jpgFile:Goodspeed.jpgFile:Gordy Brewer.jpg
File:Graem Bauer season 6 of 24 .jpgFile:Greg Collins in Operation Delta Force 4 Deep Fault.pngFile:Gridlock starring David Hasselhoff and Kathy Ireland Updated Trailer
File:H-0-S-T-A-G-E,Full English,Full HD (720p)File:Half Past Dead 2 Trailer HDFile:Half Past Dead movie poster.jpg
File:Hallmark A Warden’s Ransom 2014File:Hans-gruber.jpgFile:Hard-boiled l.jpg
File:Hard Boiled - Trailer - (1992) - HQFile:Hard Boiled TrailerFile:Harrison Ford.jpg
File:Heaven's Fire (1999)File:Henderson's dossier.jpgFile:Henderson.jpg
File:HendersonTorture.jpgFile:Hero-showdown-sam-fisher-vs-solid-snake-20071101045730249-000.jpgFile:High Risk movie poster.jpg
File:High Risk 《鼠膽龍威》 (1995) TrailerFile:Hijack Last Siege Never Surrender.jpgFile:Hijack The Last Siege cover.jpg
File:Hijack UK DVD.jpgFile:Hijack UK DVD cover.jpgFile:Hijack foreign DVD poster.jpg
File:Hijack screencap1.jpgFile:Hijack screencap2.jpgFile:Hijack screencap3.jpg
File:Hijack screencap4.jpgFile:Home Alone 3 HD Trailer 1997File:Hopper.jpg
File:Hostage (11 12) Movie CLIP - Burn It (2005) HDFile:Hostage (2005) HQ trailerFile:Hostage (2005) alternate movie poster.jpg
File:Howard Lewis.gifFile:Howie long FS.jpgFile:Hugh Jackman.jpg
File:IMG 4611.jpgFile:IMG 4626.jpgFile:IRS agent at post office (Tom Virtue) in Detonator (2003).png
File:Icebreaker OFFICIAL TRAILERFile:Igor Nevsky Die Hard scenario Wiki.pngFile:Image.jpg
File:Interceptor (1993) TrailerFile:International Online Digital HDFile:International ver2.jpg
File:JLex.jpgFile:JOHN WICK.jpgFile:Jack-Season-5-jack-bauer-15078162-565-600.jpg
File:Jack-Season-6-jack-bauer-15078641-296-399.jpgFile:JackEllisPhone.jpgFile:Jack Bauer 24 Kiefer.jpg
File:Jack Bauer 24 S1 M4A1 Carbine.jpgFile:Jack Bauer 600px-Vlcsnap-106309.jpgFile:Jack Bauer HKG362.jpg
File:Jack Bauer Kiefer Sutherland - Day 5.jpgFile:Jack bauer on day 5.jpgFile:Jack bauer uzi alg fox 24.jpg
File:James Bond Casino Royale (2006) era.pngFile:Jamie Foxx.jpgFile:Jan de Bont, John McTiernan and Bruce Willis.jpg
File:Jason Patric in The Losers.pngFile:Javalin.jpgFile:Jerico941Close.jpg
File:Jet Li - Meltdown High Risk TrailerFile:Joel Schumacher.jpgFile:JohnMasonTheRock.jpg
File:John Kruger in Eraser (1996).jpgFile:John Leguizamo in Executive Decision.jpgFile:John McClane for President 2008 fan made poster.jpg
File:John McClane in LFODH on walky talky.jpgFile:John McClane with heavy machine gun in Die Hard 5.jpgFile:John Q (2002) Trailer
File:Jonas Blane Dennis Haysbert The Unit F2000.jpgFile:Jose Zuniga.jpgFile:Judge-dredd-2012-movie-screenshot.jpg
File:Judge Kaplan.pngFile:KangYeonsak.jpgFile:Karl-Urban-Leonard-McCoy-Star-Trek-Into-Darkness.png
File:Karl Urban by Gage Skidmore.jpgFile:Keanu reeves ice t Johnny Mnemonic h2.jpgFile:Kept in a Room of Gold
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