File:DHS- Deadly Takeover movie poster by Millennium Films.jpgFile:DHS- Dean Ambrose in 12 Rounds 3- Lockdown.jpgFile:DHS- Dean Cain.jpg
File:DHS- Dean Cain in Airplane vs Volcano.jpgFile:DHS- Dean Cain in Christmas Rush.jpgFile:DHS- Dean Cain in Dark Descent.jpg
File:DHS- Dean Cain in Dragon Fighter.jpgFile:DHS- Dean Cain in Final Approach (2007).jpgFile:DHS- Dean Cain in Firetrap.jpg
File:DHS- Dean Cain in Militia.jpgFile:DHS- Dean Cochran in Air Marshal.jpgFile:DHS- Dean Norris on 24.jpg
File:DHS- Dean Norris on The Unit.jpgFile:DHS- Death Machine (1994) movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Death Train (2003) movie poster by Millennium Films.jpg
File:DHS- Death Train (A.K.A. Detonator) 1993 spy action film.jpgFile:DHS- Death Train (A.K.A Detonator) 1993 release- German titled DVD rerelease as Nuclear Commando.jpgFile:DHS- Deaths in the Die Hard movies.jpg
File:DHS- Deaths on Air Force One.jpgFile:DHS- Deaths on The Rock (1996).jpgFile:DHS- Deep Water dvd cover (A.K.A. Intrepid).jpg
File:DHS- Deja Vu (2006) alternate poster.jpgFile:DHS- Demore Barnes on The Unit.jpgFile:DHS- Denis Forest, Gregory Scott Cummins and Co. in Cliffhanger.jpg
File:DHS- Denis Forest in Detonator.jpgFile:DHS- Denis Forest in Eraser.jpgFile:DHS- Denney Pierce.jpg
File:DHS- Denney Pierce and Hugh Jackman in Swordfish.jpgFile:DHS- Denney Pierce in Storm Catcher.jpgFile:DHS- Dennis Danger Madalone.jpg
File:DHS- Dennis Haysbert.jpgFile:DHS- Dennis Haysbert and Michael Ironside in Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow.jpgFile:DHS- Dennis Haysbert in 24 The Game.jpg
File:DHS- Dennis Haysbert in Jarhead 3- The Siege.pngFile:DHS- Dennis Haysbert in The Unit.jpgFile:DHS- Dennis Haysbert on 24.jpg
File:DHS- Dennis Hopper.jpgFile:DHS- Dennis Hopper in 24.jpgFile:DHS- Dennis Hopper in Space Truckers.jpg
File:DHS- Dennis Hopper in Ticker.jpgFile:DHS- Dennis Hopper in Top of the World.jpgFile:DHS- Dennis Hopper on E-Ring.jpg
File:DHS- Dennis Keiffer.pngFile:DHS- Dennis Keiffer as stunt double in Live Free or Die Hard.jpgFile:DHS- Dennis Keiffer first role on 24.jpg
File:DHS- Dennis Keiffer in John Wick.pngFile:DHS- Dennis Keiffer in The Equalizer.jpgFile:DHS- Dennis Keiffer on E-Ring.jpg
File:DHS- Dennis Keiffer on Hawaii Five-0.pngFile:DHS- Dennis Keiffer second role on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Dennis Madalone in Detonator (2003).png
File:DHS- Dennis Madalone in Interceptor (1992).jpgFile:DHS- Dennis Madalone in Militia.jpgFile:DHS- Denzel Washington & John Turturro in Taking of Pelham 123.jpg
File:DHS- Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds in Safe House.jpgFile:DHS- Denzel Washington & Val Kilmer in Deja Vu.jpgFile:DHS- Denzel Washington and Willem Dafoe in Inside Man.jpg
File:DHS- Denzel Washington in Crimson Tide.jpgFile:DHS- Denzel Washington in John Q.pngFile:DHS- Denzel Washington in The Equalizer (2014).jpg
File:DHS- Denzel Washington in The Siege.jpgFile:DHS- Denzel Washington in Unstoppable.jpgFile:DHS- Deobia Oparei.jpg
File:DHS- Deobia Oparei in DOOM.jpgFile:DHS- Deobia Oparei in Depth Charge.jpgFile:DHS- Deobia Oparei in Dredd (2012).jpg
File:DHS- Depth Charge (2008) alternate movie poster for the film.jpgFile:DHS- Desperate Hours (1955) original movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Desperate Measures.jpg
File:DHS- Det. Holdaway (Randy Brooks) in Reservoir Dogs.pngFile:DHS- Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington) in Training Day.jpgFile:DHS- Detonator (2003) alternative DVD cover.jpg
File:DHS- Detonator II Nightwatch alternate foreign movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Detonator villain Grimes (Gregory Scott Cummins).pngFile:DHS- Diaz (Gary Carlos Cervantes) in Commando.png
File:DHS- Die Another Day ultimate movie poster version 9.jpgFile:DHS- Die Hard Trilogy cover.jpgFile:DHS- Diego Klattenhoff.jpg
File:DHS- Diego Klattenhoff on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Diego Klattenhoff on Homeland.jpgFile:DHS- Director, Producer and Writer Christopher Nolan.jpg
File:DHS- Director John Woo (Hard Boiled, Broken Arrow).jpgFile:DHS- Director Pete Travis.jpgFile:DHS- Director Roel Reiné (The Marine 2, 12 Rounds Reloaded).jpg
File:DHS- Director Sidney J. Furie.jpgFile:DHS- Dirty War (2004 telefilm).jpgFile:DHS- Dolph Lundgren and Cuba Gooding Jr. in One in the Chamber.jpg
File:DHS- Dolph Lundgren and Jon Huertas in Stash House.jpgFile:DHS- Dolph Lundgren and Steve Stone Cold Austin in The Package (2012).jpgFile:DHS- Dolph Lundgren as Icarus in THE KILLING MACHINE.jpg
File:DHS- Dolph Lundgren in Direct Contact.jpgFile:DHS- Dolph Lundgren in Expendables 1.pngFile:DHS- Dolph Lundgren in Johnny Mnemonic.jpg
File:DHS- Dolph Lundgren in Men of War.pngFile:DHS- Dolph Lundgren in Showdown in Little Tokyo.jpgFile:DHS- Dolph Lundgren in Silent Trigger.jpg
File:DHS- Dolph Lundgren in Skin Trade.pngFile:DHS- Dolph Lundgren in Storm Catcher.jpgFile:DHS- Dolph Lundgren in Sweepers.jpg
File:DHS- Dolph Lundgren in The Defender (2004).jpgFile:DHS- Dolph in Agent Red.jpgFile:DHS- Dolph in Detention.jpg
File:DHS- Dolph in Retrograde.jpgFile:DHS- Dolph in The Peacekeeper.jpgFile:DHS- Dominic Greene, villain in 007 Quantum of Solace.jpg
File:DHS- Dominic Hoffman on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Dominic Hoffman on The Unit.jpgFile:DHS- Dominic Purcell (Hijacked, Gridlocked).jpg
File:DHS- Dominic Purcell in Hijacked (2012).jpgFile:DHS- Dominic Rains on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Dominic Rains on E-Ring.jpg
File:DHS- Don Charles McGovern (Die Hard 1 & 2, Con Air).jpgFile:DHS- Don Charles McGovern in Con Air.jpgFile:DHS- Don Charles McGovern in Die Hard 2.jpg
File:DHS- Don Cheadle (Swordfish, Traitor).jpgFile:DHS- Don Cheadle in Swordfish.jpgFile:DHS- Don Cheadle in Traitor.jpg
File:DHS- Don Cheadle in Volcano.pngFile:DHS- Don Dragon Wilson.jpgFile:DHS- Don McManus.jpg
File:DHS- Don McManus in 24.JPGFile:DHS- Don McManus in Air Force One.jpgFile:DHS- Don Wilson in Bloodfist 6.jpg
File:DHS- Don Wilson in Terminal Risk.jpgFile:DHS- Donald (Dennis Haysbert) in Heat (1995).pngFile:DHS- Dorian Harewood.jpg
File:DHS- Dorian Harewood in AoP13 remake.jpgFile:DHS- Dorian Harewood in Evasive Action.jpgFile:DHS- Dorian Harewood in Sudden Death.jpg
File:DHS- Douglas O'Keeffe.jpgFile:DHS- Douglas O'Keeffe on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Douglas O'Keeffe on Human Target.jpg
File:DHS- Dougray Scott and Forest Whitaker in Taken 3.jpgFile:DHS- Drea de Matteo on Assault on Precinct 13 remake.jpgFile:DHS- Drew Nelson (Die Hard 3 & 4).jpg
File:DHS- Drop Zone alternate movie poster (1994).jpgFile:DHS- Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in Spy Hunter Nowhere to Run videogame.jpgFile:DHS- Dwayne Johnson The Rock in Faster (2010).jpg
File:DHS- Dwayne Johnson in The Rundown.jpgFile:DHS- Dwayne The Rock Johnson.jpgFile:DHS- Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Bruce Willis in G.I. Joe Retaliation (2013).jpg
File:DHS- Dwayne The Rock Johnson in Walking Tall (2004).pngFile:DHS- Dylan McDermott (Freezer, OHF).jpgFile:DHS- Dylan McDermott as Lazerov in Edison Force (2005).jpg
File:DHS- Dylan McDermott in Freezer.jpgFile:DHS- Dylan McDermott in In the Line of Fire.jpgFile:DHS- Dylan McDermott in Survivor.jpg
File:DHS- E-Ring stunt performers.jpgFile:DHS- EJF other role on 24.jpgFile:DHS- EO in Executive Decision.jpg
File:DHS- Eagle Eye alternate poster wallpaper.jpgFile:DHS- Echelon Conspiracy alternate movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Ecks Vs Sever Game Boy Advence.jpg
File:DHS- Ed Harris.jpgFile:DHS- Ed Harris and Liam Neeson in Run All Night.jpgFile:DHS- Ed Harris in Man on a Ledge.jpg
File:DHS- Ed Harris in Snowpiercer.jpgFile:DHS- Eddie J. Fernandez.jpgFile:DHS- Eddie J. Fernandez and Luis Guzman in In the Blood.png
File:DHS- Eddie J. Fernandez and Robert Alonzo on 24 Season 4 prequel.jpgFile:DHS- Eddie J. Fernandez as Junior in Cop Out.pngFile:DHS- Eddie J. Fernandez in The Dark Knight Rises.jpg
File:DHS- Eddie J. Fernandez in The Last Stand.jpgFile:DHS- Eddie Matthews Behind the Scene on the set of Speed (1994)- doubling Dennis Hopper.jpgFile:DHS- Eddie Matthews in OHF.jpg
File:DHS- Eddie Murphy.jpgFile:DHS- Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop III.jpgFile:DHS- Eddie Murphy in Metro.png
File:DHS- Eddie Murphy in Tower Heist.jpgFile:DHS- Eddy Donno (Die Hard 2, Executive Decision, The Rock & Speed 2).jpgFile:DHS- Edge of Darkness 2010 alternate movie poster.jpg
File:DHS- Editor and Director Stuart Baird.jpgFile:DHS- Eduardo Noriega.jpgFile:DHS- Eduardo Noriega in Vantage Point.jpg
File:DHS- Elektra King (Sophie Marceau) in 007 The World is Not Enough.jpgFile:DHS- Elektra King henchman Gabor (John Seru) in 007 World Is Not Enough (1999).jpgFile:DHS- Elisha Cuthbert .jpg
File:DHS- Elisha Cuthbert in 24 The Game.jpgFile:DHS- Elisha Cuthbert in Airspeed.jpgFile:DHS- Elisha Cuthbert on 24.jpg
File:DHS- Elliot Carver assassin Dr. Kaufman in 007 Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).pngFile:DHS- Emerson Brooks.jpgFile:DHS- Emerson Brooks on-set of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.jpg
File:DHS- Emerson Brooks on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Emerson Brooks on The Unit.jpgFile:DHS- Emilio Estevez and Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible (1996).jpg
File:DHS- Enemy of the State (1998) movie poster alternate version.jpgFile:DHS- Enrique (secondary villain) in The Pandora Project (1998).pngFile:DHS- Eric Balfour on 24.jpg
File:DHS- Eric Roberts.jpgFile:DHS- Eric Roberts & Erika Eleniak in Christmas Rush.jpgFile:DHS- Eric Roberts and Alexandra Paul in Rough Air.jpg
File:DHS- Eric Roberts and Jon Voight in Runaway Train.jpgFile:DHS- Eric Roberts and Rutger Hauer in Voyage (1993).pngFile:DHS- Eric Roberts in Depth Charge.jpg
File:DHS- Eric Roberts in Heaven's Fire.jpgFile:DHS- Eric Roberts in Hunt to Kill.jpgFile:DHS- Eric Roberts in Pandemic (2007).png
File:DHS- Eric Roberts in Race Against Time.jpgFile:DHS- Eric Roberts in Rogue Strike (2014).jpgFile:DHS- Eric Roberts in The Alternate.jpg
File:DHS- Eric Roberts in The Dark Knight.jpgFile:DHS- Eric Roberts in The Expendables.pngFile:DHS- Erik Betts.jpg
File:DHS- Erika Eleniak.jpgFile:DHS- Erika Eleniak and Ron Perlman in Shakedown (2002).jpgFile:DHS- Erika Eleniak in Final Voyage.jpg
File:DHS- Erika Eleniak in Pandora Project.pngFile:DHS- Erika Eleniak in Stealth Fighter.jpgFile:DHS- Erika Eleniak in Under Siege.jpg
File:DHS- Ernie Hudson (Final Approach, The Last Siege-Hijack).jpgFile:DHS- Ernie Hudson and Donnie Wahlberg in Never 2 Big.pngFile:DHS- Ernie Hudson and Gideon Emery in Operation Delta Force (1997).jpg
File:DHS- Ernie Hudson and Hector Elizondo in Leviathan.jpgFile:DHS- Ernie Hudson in Airheads.jpgFile:DHS- Ernie Hudson in Best of the Best 4.jpg
File:DHS- Ernie Hudson in Final Approach (2007).jpgFile:DHS- Ernie Hudson in Game of Death.pngFile:DHS- Ernie Hudson in Nowhere to Land (2000).jpg
File:DHS- Ernie Hudson in Stealth Fighter.jpgFile:DHS- Ernie Hudson in The Last Siege- Hijack.jpgFile:DHS- Ernie Hudson on Last Resort.png
File:DHS- Escape Plan (2013) movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Escape Under Pressure dvd cover.jpgFile:DHS- Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey in The Purge (2013).jpg
File:DHS- Ethan Hawke in Assault on Precinct 13 remake.jpgFile:DHS- Ethan Hawke in Getaway.jpgFile:DHS- Ethan Rains.jpg
File:DHS- Ethan Rains on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Evasive Action movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Evelyn Salt goes into hiding.jpg
File:DHS- Everly (2014) movie poster version 2.jpgFile:DHS- Ex-officer and vigilante Jorge Ramos (Gilbert Hiracheta) in The Task web series.pngFile:DHS- Executive Decision.jpg
File:DHS- Executive Target cover.jpgFile:DHS- Expendables (2010) movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Expendables 1 image.png
File:DHS- Expendables 2 shot.pngFile:DHS- Expendables 3 promo image.pngFile:DHS- Expendables III (2014) movie poster.jpg
File:DHS- Eyad Elbitar (The Unit, 24, Sleeper Cell, E-Ring, Depth Charge).jpgFile:DHS- Eyad Elbitar in Depth Charge.jpgFile:DHS- F. Gary Gray (The Negotiator, Law Abiding Citizen).jpg
File:DHS- FBI Agent Dawson (Ernie Hudson) in Final Approach (2007).jpgFile:DHS- FBI agent Sean Archer (John Travolta).jpgFile:DHS- FBI agent standing guard in vehicle in Detonator (2003).png
File:DHS- FBI agent taking cover in Detonator (2003).pngFile:DHS- FBI agent with shotgun briefly seen (stuntman John Cade) in Detonator (2003).pngFile:DHS- FBI bomb technician in Detonator (2003).png
File:DHS- Face Off movie poster version 5.jpgFile:DHS- Fahim Fazli (24, The Unit, Homeland).jpgFile:DHS- Fahim Fazli on 24.jpg
File:DHS- Fahim Fazli on The Unit.jpgFile:DHS- Famke Janssen.jpgFile:DHS- Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace in Taken 2.jpg
File:DHS- Famke Janssen and Treat Williams in Deep Rising.jpgFile:DHS- Famke Janssen in Don't Say a Word.jpgFile:DHS- Famke Janssen in GoldenEye.jpg
File:DHS- Famke Janssen in Taken (2008).jpgFile:DHS- Famke Janssen in Taken 3.jpgFile:DHS- Faran Tahir's first role on 24.jpg
File:DHS- Faran Tahir.jpgFile:DHS- Faran Tahir 2nd role on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Faran Tahir in Escape Plan.jpg
File:DHS- Fast and Furious 7 movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Final Voyage (1999) vhs tape cover.jpgFile:DHS- Final Voyage ship is toast.png
File:DHS- Fire with Fire (2012) movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- First Look Pictures logo.jpgFile:DHS- Flight of Fury (2007) poster.jpeg
File:DHS- Forest Whitaker.jpgFile:DHS- Forest Whitaker and Judge Reinhold in Bank Robber (1993).jpgFile:DHS- Forest Whitaker in Blown Away.jpg
File:DHS- Forest Whitaker in Catch .44 (2011).jpgFile:DHS- Forest Whitaker in Light It Up.pngFile:DHS- Forest Whitaker in Panic Room.jpg
File:DHS- Forest Whitaker in Pawn.jpgFile:DHS- Forest Whitaker in Phone Booth.jpgFile:DHS- Forest Whitaker in Street Kings.png
File:DHS- Forest Whitaker in The Fourth Angel.jpgFile:DHS- Forest Whitaker in The Last Stand.jpgFile:DHS- Forest Whitaker in Vantage Point.jpg
File:DHS- Franchise Pictures Logo 2000.jpgFile:DHS- Frank Castle (Dolph Lundgren) in The Punisher (1989).jpgFile:DHS- Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) in The Punisher (2004).JPG
File:DHS- Frank Castle AKA The Punisher (Ray Stevenson) in War Zone (2008).jpgFile:DHS- Frank McRae in Last Action Hero.jpgFile:DHS- Frank McRae in The Last Siege Never Surrender.jpg
File:DHS- Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) in RED (2010).jpgFile:DHS- Frank Zagarino.jpgFile:DHS- Frank Zagarino and Jeff Fahey in Operation Delta Force.jpg
File:DHS- Frank Zagarino in Project Shadowchaser.jpgFile:DHS- Frank Zagarino in Shadowchaser II.jpgFile:DHS- Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi) in License to Kill (1989).png
File:DHS- Fred Olen Ray.jpgFile:DHS- Fred Toma.jpgFile:DHS- Fred Toma on 24.jpg
File:DHS- Frederic Forrest in Militia.jpgFile:DHS- Fredric Lehne (Con Air, Submerged, TDKR).jpgFile:DHS- Fredric Lehne in Con Air.jpg
File:DHS- Fredric Lehne in TDKR.jpegFile:DHS- Fredric Lehne on Crisis.jpgFile:DHS- Free Fall (2014).jpg
File:DHS- Freedom Strike DVD cover.jpgFile:DHS- G.I. Joe Retaliation movie poster version 14.jpgFile:DHS- Gabriel Al-Rajhi in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.png
File:DHS- Gabriel Byrne.jpgFile:DHS- Gabriel Byrne in AoP13 remake.jpgFile:DHS- Gabriel Byrne in Enemy of the State.jpeg
File:DHS- Gael Ortega (Jesse Borrego) on 24 Season 3.jpgFile:DHS- Galaxy Quest newer movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Game of Death (2010) foreign cover poster.jpg
File:DHS- Gary Busey.jpgFile:DHS- Gary Busey in Drop Zone.jpgFile:DHS- Gary Busey in Lethal Tender.jpg
File:DHS- Gary Busey in Steel Sharks.jpgFile:DHS- Gary Busey on Walker, Texas Ranger.jpgFile:DHS- Gary Carlos Cervantes (Firetrap, Final Approach).jpg
File:DHS- Gary Carlos Cervantes on The Unit.jpgFile:DHS- Gary Daniels & Steven Seagal in Submerged (2005).jpgFile:DHS- Gary Daniels (City Hunter, Submerged).jpg
File:DHS- Gary Daniels in Riot (1996).jpgFile:DHS- Gary Hudson.jpgFile:DHS- Gary Hudson in Walker TX Ranger.png
File:DHS- Gary Oldman in 5th Element.jpgFile:DHS- Gary Oldman in Batman Begins.jpgFile:DHS- Gary Oldman in Leon the Professional.jpg
File:DHS- Gary Oldman in TDKR.jpgFile:DHS- Gary Oldman in The Dark Knight.jpgFile:DHS- Gary Sinise.jpg
File:DHS- Gary Sinise in Albino Alligator.jpgFile:DHS- Gary Sinise in Reindeer Games.jpgFile:DHS- Gbenga Akinnagbe .jpg
File:DHS- Gbenga Akinnagbe in Taking of Pelham 123.jpgFile:DHS- Gbenga Akinnagbe on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Gen. Benjamin Juma (Tony Todd) on 24 Season 7.jpg
File:DHS- Gen. George Kirby guardsman Jackson (Bob Minor) in Commando.pngFile:DHS- General Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov in GoldenEye (1995).jpgFile:DHS- General Juma (Tony Todd) violent entrance in the White House.jpg
File:DHS- General Medrano in 007 Quantum of Solace.jpgFile:DHS- Genesis Rodriguez.jpgFile:DHS- Genesis Rodriguez & Eduardo Noriega in The Last Stand.jpg
File:DHS- Genesis Rodriguez in Hours (2013).jpg
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