File:DHS- Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing.jpgFile:DHS- Bruce Willis in Loaded Weapon 1.jpgFile:DHS- Bruce Willis in Mercury Rising.png
File:DHS- Bruce Willis in Striking Distance.jpgFile:DHS- Bruce Willis in Tears of the Sun.jpgFile:DHS- Bruce Willis in The 5th Element.jpg
File:DHS- Bruce Willis in The Cold Light of Day.jpgFile:DHS- Bruce Willis in The Last Boy Scout.jpgFile:DHS- Bruce Willis in The Prince.jpg
File:DHS- Bryan Genesse.jpgFile:DHS- Bryan Genesse in Death Train (2003).jpgFile:DHS- Bryan Genesse in ODF 3 Clear Target.jpeg
File:DHS- Bryan Genesse in Project Shadowchaser 2.jpgFile:DHS- Bryan Genesse in The Alternate.jpgFile:DHS- Buried (2010) movie poster.jpg
File:DHS- Bus 657 movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Byron Mann.jpgFile:DHS- Byron Mann in COD Black Ops II.png
File:DHS- C. Thomas Howell.jpgFile:DHS- C. Thomas Howell and Charlie Sheen in Red Dawn.jpgFile:DHS- C. Thomas Howell and Tia Carrere in Treacherous.png
File:DHS- C. Thomas Howell in 24.jpgFile:DHS- C. Thomas Howell in Dead Fire.jpgFile:DHS- C. Thomas Howell in Enemy Action.png
File:DHS- C. Thomas Howell in Glass Trap.pngFile:DHS- C. Thomas Howell in The Poseidon Adventure (2005).jpgFile:DHS- C. Thomas Howell in The Terror Experiment.jpg
File:DHS- C. Thomas Howell on Hawaii Five-0.jpgFile:DHS- CIA agent Jack Wade (Joe Don Baker) in 007 Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).jpgFile:DHS- CSI NY- Snow Day episode.jpg
File:DHS- CTU agent Gael Ortega (Jesse Borrego) on 24 S3.jpgFile:DHS- CVD in Windfall.jpgFile:DHS- Cabin Fever Home Entertainment logo.jpg
File:DHS- Call of Duty Black Ops II wallpaper.jpgFile:DHS- Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 wallpaper.jpgFile:DHS- Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 wallpaper.jpg
File:DHS- Call of Duty Modern Warfare wallpaper.jpgFile:DHS- Candi, post office worker in Detonator (2003).pngFile:DHS- Captain McMillan (Linus Roache) in Non-Stop.png
File:DHS- Carl Benton (Robert Carlyle) in 24 Redemption in.pngFile:DHS- Carlo Rota (Rough Air, 24).jpgFile:DHS- Carlo Rota in Brick Mansions.png
File:DHS- Carlo Rota in Rough Air.jpgFile:DHS- Carlo Rota in Splinter Cell Blacklist.pngFile:DHS- Carlo Rota on 24.jpg
File:DHS- Carlo Rota on Human Target.jpgFile:DHS- Carlos Bernard.jpgFile:DHS- Carlos Bernard in 24 The Game.jpg
File:DHS- Carlos Bernard in Alien Raiders.jpgFile:DHS- Carlos Bernard on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Carlos Bernard on 24 Solitary.jpg
File:DHS- Carlos Bernard on Hawaii Five-0.jpgFile:DHS- Carlos Bernard on Walker, Texas Ranger.jpgFile:DHS- Carlos Gomez.jpg
File:DHS- Carlos Gomez in 24.jpgFile:DHS- Carlos Gomez in Sleeper Cell.jpgFile:DHS- Carlos Gomez in The Negotiator.jpg
File:DHS- Carlos Gomez in The Peacemaker.jpgFile:DHS- Carmen Argenziano in Swordfish.jpgFile:DHS- Carmen Argenziano on 24.jpg
File:DHS- Carrick O'Quinn (TDKR, Die Hard 5, Executive Target, 24, Crank films).jpgFile:DHS- Carrie-Anne Moss.jpgFile:DHS- Carrie-Anne Moss in Lethal Tender .jpg
File:DHS- Carrie-Anne Moss in Unthinkable.jpgFile:DHS- Casino Royale (2006) version 5 movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Casper Van Dien.jpg
File:DHS- Casper Van Dien in Cutaway.pngFile:DHS- Casper Van Dien in Danger Beneath the Sea.jpgFile:DHS- Casper Van Dien in Maiden Voyage.jpg
File:DHS- Casper Van Dien in The Vector File.pngFile:DHS- Casper Van Dien in Turbulent Skies.jpgFile:DHS- Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage form) in Face-Off.png
File:DHS- Catch .44 movie poster .jpgFile:DHS- Catherine Bell in Black Thunder.jpgFile:DHS- Cellular (2004) movie poster.jpg
File:DHS- Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) logo as seen in Tom Clancy-Jack Ryan film Patriot Games.pngFile:DHS- Chain Reaction (1996) movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Chain of Command (1994) Pakistan movie poster.jpg
File:DHS- Chain of Command (2000) alternate foreign DVD cover.jpgFile:DHS- Chains Cooper (Lance Henriksen) in Stone Cold (1991).jpgFile:DHS- Champion (2000 Bollywood film) poster.jpg
File:DHS- Chance (JCVD) in Hard Target (1993).jpgFile:DHS- Chaos (2005) French DVD poster.jpgFile:DHS- Chaos (2005) banner poster.jpg
File:DHS- Chaos international poster.jpgFile:DHS- Character played by Daniel Baldwin in The Pandora Project.pngFile:DHS- Character played by Erika Eleniak in The Pandora Project.png
File:DHS- Character played by Richard Tyson in The Pandora Project.pngFile:DHS- Character played by Tony Todd in The Pandora Project.pngFile:DHS- Charles Dance.jpg
File:DHS- Charles Dance & Vincent Regan in Strike Back.jpgFile:DHS- Charles Dance in Space Truckers.jpgFile:DHS- Charles Dance in The Contractor (2007).jpg
File:DHS- Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin) on 24 Season 6.jpgFile:DHS- Charles Logan and Russian Minister Novakovich on 24 Season 8.jpgFile:DHS- Charles Robinson (Colin Salmon) and M (Dame Judi Dench) in 007 Die Another Day (2002).jpg
File:DHS- Charles Robinson (Colin Salmon) in 007 Die Another Day.jpgFile:DHS- Charles Robinson (Colin Salmon) in 007 The World is Not Enough.jpgFile:DHS- Charlize Theron.jpg
File:DHS- Charlize Theron in 15 Minutes.jpgFile:DHS- Charlize Theron in Reindeer Games.jpgFile:DHS- Charlize Theron in Trapped (2002).jpg
File:DHS- Chechen heavy.jpgFile:DHS- Chechen heavy shot off of stairway.jpgFile:DHS- Chechen in attic stairway.jpg
File:DHS- Chechen in hallway.jpgFile:DHS- Chechen shot and falling to floor.jpgFile:DHS- Chechen shot in room by Rat.jpg
File:DHS- Chechen shot on stairway.jpgFile:DHS- Chechen thug (played by Jimmy Romano).jpgFile:DHS- Chechen thug shot by Travis.jpg
File:DHS- Chechen with magazines.jpgFile:DHS- Cheng Zhi and terrorists in 24 - Day 9 Live Another Day.jpgFile:DHS- Chick Vennera.jpg
File:DHS- Chick Vennera in Black Horizon.jpgFile:DHS- Chick Vennera in Evasive Action.jpgFile:DHS- Chick Vennera in Final Voyage.png
File:DHS- Chick Vennera in Glass Trap.pngFile:DHS- Chill Factor movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Chou-Yun Fat.jpg
File:DHS- Chou Yun Fat in Stranglehold.jpgFile:DHS- Chris Ellis in Atomic Train.jpgFile:DHS- Chris Ellis in Con Air.jpg
File:DHS- Chris Ellis in LFODH.jpgFile:DHS- Chris Ellis in TDKR.jpgFile:DHS- Chris Ellis on The Unit.jpg
File:DHS- Chris Howell.jpgFile:DHS- Chris Mulkey (Human Target, Broken Arrow, Sleeper Cell, 24).jpgFile:DHS- Chris Mulkey in 24.jpg
File:DHS- Chris Mulkey in Sleeper Cell.jpgFile:DHS- Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto in Star Trek (2013 videogame).jpgFile:DHS- Chris Pine in Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit.jpg
File:DHS- Chris Pine in Unstoppable.jpgFile:DHS- Chris Ryan's Strike Back.jpgFile:DHS- Chris Walken.jpg
File:DHS- Christian Bale.jpegFile:DHS- Christian Bale in Batman Begins.jpgFile:DHS- Christian Bale in TDKR.jpg
File:DHS- Christian Slater.jpgFile:DHS- Christian Slater and Kim Coates in Sacrifice (2011).pngFile:DHS- Christian Slater in Assassins Run.png
File:DHS- Christian Slater in Broken Arrow.jpgFile:DHS- Christian Slater in Bullet to the Head.jpgFile:DHS- Christina Chang in 24.jpg
File:DHS- Christina Chang in Die Hard 4.jpgFile:DHS- Christopher Plummer.jpgFile:DHS- Christopher Plummer in Inside Man.jpg
File:DHS- Christopher Waken in McBain.pngFile:DHS- Christopher Walken in Last Man Standing.jpgFile:DHS- Christopher Walken in Man on Fire (2004).jpg
File:DHS- Christopher Walken in Nick of Time.jpgFile:DHS- Chuck Norris in Expendables 2.jpgFile:DHS- Chuck Norris in The President's Man 2.jpg
File:DHS- Chuck Vs. Santa Claus episode.jpgFile:DHS- Cindy (Rae Dawn Chong) in Commando.jpgFile:DHS- CineTel Films logo.jpg
File:DHS- Claire Varrens (Joanne Whalley-Kilmer) in Navy SEALs.pngFile:DHS- Claudia Christian.jpgFile:DHS- Claudia Christian in A Wing and a Prayer.jpg
File:DHS- Claudia Christian in Final Voyage.jpgFile:DHS- Claudia Christian in Half Past Dead.jpgFile:DHS- Clay Cullen in LFODH.jpg
File:DHS- Clay Cullen on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Clayton J. Barber.jpgFile:DHS- Clayton J. Barber in 24.jpg
File:DHS- Cleanskin (2012) alternate movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Cliff Curtis in Collateral Damage.pngFile:DHS- Cliff Curtis in Live Free or Die Hard.jpg
File:DHS- Clint Jung on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Clint Jung on The Unit.jpgFile:DHS- Clive Owen in Bourne Identity.jpg
File:DHS- Clive Owen in Inside Man.jpgFile:DHS- Clive Owen in Shoot Em' Up.jpgFile:DHS- Clive Owen in The International.jpg
File:DHS- Cole Hauser.jpgFile:DHS- Cole Hauser in Assassins Run.jpgFile:DHS- Cole Hauser in Die Hard 5.jpg
File:DHS- Cole Hauser in Jarhead 2.pngFile:DHS- Cole Hauser in OHF.jpgFile:DHS- Cole Hauser in Tears of the Sun.jpg
File:DHS- Cole S. McKay (The Assault, Freedom Strike, Agent Red, Skyscraper, Critical Mass, Firetrap, Sleeper Cell, 24, Detonator, Falcon Down, Stealth Fighter, Black Thunder, Executive Target).jpgFile:DHS- Cole S. McKay as Federal Agent in car in Detonator (2003).pngFile:DHS- Cole S. McKay in Agent Red.jpg
File:DHS- Cole S. McKay in Ballistica.pngFile:DHS- Cole S. McKay in Executive Target.jpgFile:DHS- Cole S. McKay in Land of the Free.png
File:DHS- Cole S. McKay in secondary role as Vlad in AGENT RED.jpgFile:DHS- Cole S. McKay on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Colin Farrell.jpg
File:DHS- Colin Farrell in Dead Man Down.jpgFile:DHS- Colin Farrell in Total Recall (2012).jpgFile:DHS- Colin Salmon.jpg
File:DHS- Colin Salmon and Samantha Bond in World is Not Enough.jpgFile:DHS- Colin Salmon as Charles Robinson in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) promo image.jpgFile:DHS- Colin Salmon in 24 Live Another Day.jpg
File:DHS- Colin Salmon in Die Another Day.jpgFile:DHS- Colin Salmon in Punisher War Zone.jpgFile:DHS- Colin Salmon in Red Phone- Manhunt.jpg
File:DHS- Colin Salmon in Resident Evil (2002).jpgFile:DHS- Colin Salmon in Spooks.pngFile:DHS- Colin Salmon in Strike Back.jpg
File:DHS- Colleen Camp.jpgFile:DHS- Colleen Camp in Die Hard 3.jpgFile:DHS- Colleen Camp in Last Action Hero.jpg
File:DHS- Colleen Camp in Speed 2.jpgFile:DHS- Colleen Camp in Trapped (2002).pngFile:DHS- Collision Course (2012) .jpg
File:DHS- Colm Feore in Airborne (1998).jpgFile:DHS- Colm Feore on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Colm Meaney, Jamie Foxx & Michael Irby in Law Abiding Citizen.jpg
File:DHS- Colm Meaney.jpgFile:DHS- Colm Meaney in Con Air.jpgFile:DHS- Colm Meaney in Die Hard 2.jpg
File:DHS- Colm Meaney in The Cold Light of Day.pngFile:DHS- Colm Meaney in Under Siege.jpgFile:DHS- Colm Meaney on The Unit.jpg
File:DHS- Commando 1985 original movie poster.jpegFile:DHS- Common and Marton Csokas in Pawn.jpgFile:DHS- Common in Run All Night.jpg
File:DHS- Common in Street Kings.pngFile:DHS- Common in Wanted.jpgFile:DHS- Connected (2008) movie poster.jpg
File:DHS- Conor O'Farrell on The Unit.jpgFile:DHS- Conrad W. Hall.jpgFile:DHS- Cooke (Bill Duke) in Commando.png
File:DHS- Cop Out alternate poster.jpgFile:DHS- Corey Haim.jpgFile:DHS- Corey Haim in Demolition High.jpg
File:DHS- Corey Haim in Demolition University.jpgFile:DHS- Corey Johnson (Spooks, 24 Live Another Day).jpgFile:DHS- Corey Johnson on 24 LAD.jpg
File:DHS- Corey Johnson on Spooks.jpgFile:DHS- Corey Stoll on The Unit.jpgFile:DHS- Cotter Smith.jpg
File:DHS- Cotter Smith in Depth Charge.jpgFile:DHS- Cotter Smith on The Unit.jpgFile:DHS- Counter Measures movie poster.jpg
File:DHS- Crackerjack 2 (1997) VHS tape cover.jpgFile:DHS- Crackerjack 2 alternative DVD cover.jpgFile:DHS- Crackerjack 3.jpg
File:DHS- Craig Fairbrass.jpgFile:DHS- Craig Fairbrass and Michael Cudlitz in COD MW3.pngFile:DHS- Craig Fairbrass as Ghost in COD MW2.jpg
File:DHS- Craig Fairbrass in COD Modern Warfare.jpgFile:DHS- Craig Fairbrass in Cliffhanger.jpgFile:DHS- Craig Fairbrass in The Outsider.jpg
File:DHS- Craig Fairbrass on The Unit.jpgFile:DHS- Craig Sheffer.jpgFile:DHS- Craig Sheffer in Cabin Pressure.jpg
File:DHS- Craig Sheffer in Turbulence 2.jpgFile:DHS- Craig Sheffer in Turbulence 3.jpgFile:DHS- Crank 2 High Voltage alternate movie poster.jpg
File:DHS- Crank movie poster ver6.jpgFile:DHS- Crash Dive (1997) DVD cover:poster.jpgFile:DHS- Crash Point Zero alternate DVD cover.jpg
File:DHS- Crisis 2014 tv show promo poster.jpgFile:DHS- Critical Mass DVD cover.jpgFile:DHS- Crossfire (1998) movie.jpg
File:DHS- Cuba Gooding Jr..jpgFile:DHS- Cuba Gooding Jr. and Cole Hauser in The Hit List (2011).jpgFile:DHS- Cuba Gooding Jr. in Blown Away.jpg
File:DHS- Cuba Gooding Jr. in Chill Factor.jpgFile:DHS- Cuba Gooding Jr in Sacrifice (2011).pngFile:DHS- Currie Graham in AoP13 remake.jpg
File:DHS- Currie Graham on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Cyberjack (AKA Virtual Assassin) movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Cynthia Rothrock and Kristanna Loken in Mercenaries (2014).jpg
File:DHS- D.C. Douglas (Under Siege 2, 24, Final Approach).jpgFile:DHS- D.C. Douglas in Final Approach (2007).jpgFile:DHS- D.C. Douglas in Under Siege 2.jpg
File:DHS- D.C. Douglas on 24.jpgFile:DHS- DB Woodside and Neal McDonough in Paul Blart Mall Cop 2.jpgFile:DHS- DB Woodside on 24.jpg
File:DHS- DOOM movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- Dame Judi Dench as MI6 head character M in 007 Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).pngFile:DHS- Damian Lee.jpg
File:DHS- Damian White (Tom Sizemore) in SWAT Unit 887.pngFile:DHS- Dana Walsh (Katee Sackhoff) on 24 S8.jpgFile:DHS- Dane (Bill Paxton) in Navy SEALs.png
File:DHS- Daniel Baldwin & Tim Abell in Desert Thunder.jpgFile:DHS- Daniel Baldwin (Fallout, Killing Moon, Tunnel).jpgFile:DHS- Daniel Baldwin in Fallout.jpg
File:DHS- Daniel Baldwin in Family Under Siege.jpgFile:DHS- Daniel Baldwin in Silicon Towers.pngFile:DHS- Daniel Baldwin in The Pandora Project.png
File:DHS- Daniel Baldwin in Tunnel.jpgFile:DHS- Daniel Baldwin on Hawaii Five-0.jpgFile:DHS- Daniel Dae Kim.jpg
File:DHS- Daniel Dae Kim in 24 The Game.jpgFile:DHS- Daniel Dae Kim on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Daniel Dae Kim on Walker TX Ranger.png
File:DHS- Danny Glover, Daryl Hannah, Rutger Hauer, Michael Madsen and Stephen Baldwin in Death Squad (2014).jpgFile:DHS- Danny Trejo.jpgFile:DHS- Danny Trejo 2nd and final role on Walker TX Ranger.png
File:DHS- Danny Trejo in Bullet (2014).pngFile:DHS- Danny Trejo in In the Blood (2014).jpgFile:DHS- Danny Trejo in Marked for Death.png
File:DHS- Danny Trejo in Point Blank (1998).jpgFile:DHS- Danny Trejo in Reindeer Games.jpgFile:DHS- Danny Trejo in The Killing Jar.jpg
File:DHS- Danny Trejo in The Last Hour.jpgFile:DHS- Danny Trejo in The Night Crew.pngFile:DHS- Danny Trejo on Walker, Texas Ranger.jpeg
File:DHS- Darius Stone (Ice Cube) from xXx State of the Union.jpgFile:DHS- Darren McCord in action.jpgFile:DHS- Darryl Chan's 2nd role on 24.jpg
File:DHS- Darryl Chan (OHF, The Unit, 24).jpgFile:DHS- Dave Toombs (Sean Bean) villain character in Airborne (1998).pngFile:DHS- David 'Shark' Fralick (Chill Factor, Critical Mass).jpg
File:DHS- David 'Shark' Fralick in Chill Factor.pngFile:DHS- David 'Shark' Fralick in Critical Mass.pngFile:DHS- David 'Shark' Fralick in Invasion Force (1990).JPG
File:DHS- David Dayan Fisher.jpgFile:DHS- David Dayan Fisher in 24.jpgFile:DHS- David Dayan Fisher in Depth Charge.jpg
File:DHS- David Dayan Fisher in TDKR.jpgFile:DHS- David Gianopoulos.jpgFile:DHS- David Gianopoulos in Air Force One.jpg
File:DHS- David Gianopoulos in Under Siege 2.jpgFile:DHS- David Gianopoulos on 24.jpgFile:DHS- David Harewood .jpg
File:DHS- David Harewood on Homeland.jpgFile:DHS- David Harewood on Strike Back.jpgFile:DHS- David Hasselhoff.jpg
File:DHS- David Hasselhoff appearing in Avalanche (1994).jpgFile:DHS- David Hasselhoff in Gridlock.jpgFile:DHS- David Hasselhoff in Stretch.png
File:DHS- David Lea (The Rock, Con Air & Con Express).jpgFile:DHS- David Morse.jpgFile:DHS- David Morse and Anthony Hopkins in Desperate Hours (1990).jpg
File:DHS- David Morse and David Paymer in Bait (2000).jpgFile:DHS- David Morse in 16 Blocks.jpgFile:DHS- David Morse in The Negotiator.jpg
File:DHS- David Morse in The Rock.jpgFile:DHS- David Suchet in Executive Decision.jpgFile:DHS- David Ursin in Die Hard.png
File:DHS- David Ursin on 24.jpgFile:DHS- Davros the terrorist (Doug Hutchison) in 24 Season 8.jpgFile:DHS- Daylight (1996) movie poster.jpg
File:DHS- De'voreaux White in Die Hard.jpgFile:DHS- Dead Man's Trigger online home page poster.jpgFile:DHS- Dead Man Down (2013) movie poster.jpg
File:DHS- Dead in a Heartbeat 2002 VCD movie cover.jpgFile:DHS- Deadline- Sirf 24 Ghante movie poster international (Eros Bollywood remake of 2002's Trapped).jpg
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