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File:Countdown (2004) - VOSTFRFile:Counter Measures (1998) trailerFile:Crackerjack (1994) trailer
File:Crackerjack 1994 poster.jpgFile:Crackerjack 2File:Crash Landing (2005) - Official trailer
File:Critical Mass (2001) trailerFile:Cyberjack (1995) aka Virtual Assassin - TrailerFile:CyrusTheVirus.jpg
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File:DHS- 007 GoldenEye (2010 remastered edition) videogame.pngFile:DHS- 007 Goldeneye N64.jpgFile:DHS- 007 Legends videogame.jpg
File:DHS- 007 Nightfire videogame.jpgFile:DHS- 007 Quantum of Solace videogame.pngFile:DHS- 007 Racing videogame.jpg
File:DHS- 007 Tomorrow Never Dies videogame.jpgFile:DHS- 007 World is Not Enough videogame N64.pngFile:DHS- 007 World is Not Enough videogame PS1 cover.jpg
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File:DHS- 24 Season 3- Chase Edmunds, Jack and Kim Bauer and Michelle Dessler at CTU Los Angeles.jpgFile:DHS- 24 Season 7 white house takeover.jpgFile:DHS- 24 XXX An Axel Braun Parody.jpg
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File:DHS- 80 Minutes movie poster alternate cover.jpgFile:DHS- 88 Minutes (2007) alternate movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- A Bittersweet Life 2005 alternate dvd cover art foreign.jpg
File:DHS- A Common Man (2013) movie poster.jpgFile:DHS- A Holiday Heist 2011 cover poster artwork.jpgFile:DHS- A Lonely Place to Die movie poster.jpg
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