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DHS- Litvak (Steve Cell) on 24 season 7


Litvak was a henchman working for David Emerson and his crew during the seventh season of "24". He is portrayed by actor Steve Cell.

Character Summary[]

When Tony Almeida was captured by the FBI, Litvak discussed with Morgan the possibility of hiring two mutually-known freelancers to replace Tony. Tony had actually escaped FBI custody with Jack Bauer and both men came to visit David Emerson, the employer of the mercenaries. Litvak let them in and took Jack down to the basement per Emerson's orders. While Emerson explained that he wanted Tony to go and murder Jack, Bauer realized that his life was in danger. Jack easily overcame Litvak and then threatened Morgan, who was killed by Emerson seconds later.

Litvak remained on the team and joined Emerson, Almeida, and Bauer in the raid and attempted kidnapping of Ule Matobo, the former prime minister of Sangala. Litvak cut the power lines to begin the invasion. When Matobo and his wife, Alama, locked themselves in a panic room, Litvak hacked their electronics to allow Emerson to communicate with them from outside the room.

The crew realized they could not open the panic room door themselves, and that the FBI was likely on the way right now. Litvak reminded them that explosive charges to break the door would kill the Matobos, so their best option was to abort the mission and escape. Jack recommended that they improvise some noxious gas to flood out the Matobos, but Litvak was still not sold on the idea. Emerson decided to try Jack's idea; Litvak was opposed to the plan right up until Matobo's wife Alama gave in and opened the door.

Outside, as the hostages were loaded into a truck, Litvak spotted FBI agent Renee Walker spying on them, destroyed her phone and apprehended her. He drove the three kidnappers and three hostages toward Colonel Iké Dubaku's location until they were diverted to kill and bury Walker. Later after they all arrived at the arranged meeting point at Northwoods Airfield, Emerson then ambushed Jack and Tony by taking Jack hostage, as Litvak saw this he went to draw his gun but he wasn't fast enough and was fatally shot by Tony.