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Here is an incomplete list of unnamed Marines and other antagonists seen under Brigadier General Frank Hummel (and later commanded by Captain Darrow and Frye) in 1996's The Rock.

Other named members included:

Unnamed Hummel Marines[]

Hummel Marine A[]

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He was played by Jack Yates.

Hummel Marine B[]

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He was played by Juan A. Riojas.

Hummel Marine C[]

DHS- Joseph Patrick Kelly in The Rock

This marine attempted to arrest Stanley Goodspeed after Captain Darrow and Captain Frye and betrayed and helped kill Hummel during an ensued firefight and were attempting to launch the nuclear warheads while also eliminating any last piece of resistance.

Just as Goodspeed was about to be escorted away and potentially executed, this marine was killed when a hidden John Mason jumped out and proceeded to snap and break this marine's neck.

He was played by Joseph Patrick Kelly.