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This is the list of characters who appeared in Sudden Death.

The McCord family[]

  • Darren McCord - A former Pittsburgh firefighter who is removed from active duty after he failed to save a young girl trapped in a house fire, but becomes the only man who tries to stop terrorists in the Civic Arena.
  • Emily McCord - Darren's daughter who is taken hostage by terrorists inside the arena.
  • Tyler McCord - Darren's son
  • Kathi - Darren's ex-wife


  • Joshua Foss - a ruthless ex-US government official who leads a team of terrorists to seized control of Civic Arena during Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.
  • Matthew Hallmark - A Secret Service agent who serves as a double agent for Foss.
  • Hickey - Foss's hacker
  • Carla - Foss's only henchwoman in disguised as Iceburgh, the Pittsburgh Penguins mascot.
  • Scratch - Foss's hitman
  • Wootton - Foss's henchman
  • Jefferson - Foss's henchman
  • Brody - Foss's henchman
  • Briggs - Foss's henchman
  • Pratt - Foss's henchman


  • Vice President Daniel Binder
  • Blair - the owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins


  • Andrew Ferrara - The head chef of Civic Arena
  • Mrs. Ferrara - the wife of Andrew Ferrara

Notable hockey figures[]

  • Luc Robitaille as Himself
  • Mike Lange as Play-by-Play Announcer
  • Paul Steigerwald as Color Commentator