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DHS- Airport 1974 all-star cast movie poster

The original Airport film.

This is a detailed list of all the films that inspired the Die Hard Scenario movies out there. For a list of actual Die Hard scenario films, see here. Any film that also resembles the DHS formula is also included here as well.

For a list of actors and actresses who appeared in these films, see here.

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DHS- 36 Ghante movie poster (Bollywood remake of the original Desperate Hours)
  • 36 Ghante (1974): Bollywood remake of the original Desperate Hours.



  • Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979)
  • Black Sunday (1977)
  • The Blazing Tower (1974 TV movie) (A.K.A. Terror on the 40th Floor) [5]
  • The Bullet Train (1975): Japanese action thriller that inspired many DHS films set on moving vehicles with bombs on them. One such example is 1994's Speed.


  • Cave In! (1983 TV movie): Hostages are taken by a man inside an interior earthquake laden cave. [6]
  • City on Fire (1979) [7]
  • Commando (1985): Hit cult action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and which began Steven E. de Souza's series of scripted action films which featured a one-man army. Also features the fictional country Val Verde which was later used in Die Hard 2. Unlike previously believed, it wasn't meant to be a sequel to the original Die Hard.
  • The Concorde... Airport '79 (1979)


DHS- Desperate Hours (1955) original movie poster
  • The Dark Past (1947): Another pre-Desperate Hours type film.
  • Day of the Wolves (1971) [8]
  • Death Before Dishonor (1987)
  • The Delta Force (1986)
  • Desperate Hours (1955) [9]
  • Disaster on the Coastliner (1979 TV movie)
  • Dog Day Afternoon [10]


  • Earthquake (1974)
  • Enemy Territory (1987): Another film that is influenced by the Assault on Precinct 13 and Rio Bravo formula.
  • Escape from New York (1981)


  • The Final Option (1982) (A.K.A. He Dare Wins)
  • Fire! (1977 TV movie) [11] [12]
  • Flight to Holocaust (1977 TV movie) [13]
  • Flood! (1976 TV movie) [14] [15]


  • Goldfinger: Many have noted the resemblances in the main villain's heist in both this James Bond film and the 1995 sequel Die Hard with a Vengeance.


DHS- High Noon (1952) alternative movie poster

High Noon movie poster

  • He Ran All the Way (1951): Noir film that appears to be based on some of the true-life material that inspired the play and 1955 original version of The Desperate Hours.
  • High Noon (1952); Later had a made-for-television remake in 2000. [16]
  • High Noon, Part II: The Return of Will Kane (1980 telefilm): Made for television sequel to the original 1952 film.
  • Hostage (1987): Wings Hauser action film in the late eighties.
  • Hostage Flight (1985 TV movie)
  • The Hostage Tower (1980 TV movie)


  • Inferno in Paradise (1974) [17]
  • Invasion U.S.A. (1985)


  • Juggernaut (1974)


  • Key Largo (1948) [18]
  • The Kidnapping of the President (1980)




  • The Night Holds Terror (1951) [19]
  • Nighthawks (1981)


  • Outland (1981)


  • People's Hero (1987): Hong Kong remake of 1975's Dog Day Afternoon. [20]
  • The Petrified Forest (1936)
  • The Poseidon Adventure (1972) [21]
  • Puzzle (1986): A bank robbery goes wrong. The robbers, two of them unemployed family men, take two hostages, one of them needing heart medication, and leave them in an apartment, tied to a bomb. Notable for also starring a young Antonio Banderas.



  • Rabid Dogs (1977) [22]
  • Red Dawn (1984): Action-War Thriller about a hokey scenario involving the Russians invading the United States in a World War III scenario. Later remade in 2012.
  • Rio Bravo (1959): John Wayne Western film which in many ways impacts what films feel like rip-offs of Assault on Precinct 13 or any other DHS films. [23]
  • Rollercoaster (1977) [24]
  • Rosebud (1975)
  • Runaway Train (1985)


  • Saboteur (1942): In this Alfred Hitchcock thriller, the ending is clearly references in the original and fifth Die Hard films.
  • Silver Lode (1954): Western often considered to be a film that capitalized on the success of High Noon. [25] [26] [27] [28]
  • Silver Streak (1975)
  • Skyjacked
  • The Soldier (1982)
  • SST-Death Flight (1977 TV film): A made-for-TV film capitalizing on the success of the Airport series of films.


DHS- Taking of Pelham One Two Three original version poster

The original 1974 version of Taking of Pelham One Two Three

  • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974): Later remake as a TV movie in 1998 and as a DHS film in 2009.
  • Taps
  • The Terrorists (1974; A.K.A. Ransom): Action thriller starring Sean Connery.
  • Time Bomb (1984 TV movie)
  • The Towering Inferno (1974) [29] [30]
  • Thunder Run (1986)
  • Two Minute Warning (1976) [31]




  • When Time Ran Out... (1980) [32]