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This is the list of characters who appeared in Die Hard.

McClane family[]

Die Hard- Han's crew


  • Hans Gruber - An excommunicated West German radical turned anti-capitalist who takes over Nakatomi Plaza to steal $640 million in bearer bonds locked in the building's vault.
  • Karl Vreski - Hans' savage right-hand man, who takes out the Nakatomi security guards, disables the building’s phone lines and leads the hunt for John McClane to avenge his brother.
    • Tony Vreski - Karl's younger brother, who helps with disabling the phone lines and investigates the fire alarm triggered by McClane at the cost of his own life.
    • Franco - Karl's French bodyguard, who keeps the Nakatomi hostages at bay and assists in the hunt for McClane.
    • Fritz - Karl's German bodyguard, who helps keep the hostages at bay and takes part in the hunt McClane.
  • Theo - Hans' American technical expert, who locks down the Nakatomi entrances from the security room and code-breaks the vault's first five locks.
    • Kristoff - Theo's French assistant, who helps with opening the vault.
  • Eddie - Hans' American watchman, who disguises himself as the front desk receptionist in the lobby.
  • Heinrich - Hans' explosives expert, who drives the group to Nakatomi in a Pacific Courier truck and plants the C4 on the rooftop.
    • Marco - Heinrich's Italian assistant, who helps with planting the C4 on the rooftop.
    • Uli - Heinrich's Chinese assistant, who helps with planting the C4 on the rooftop.
  • Alexander - Hans' weapons expert, who launches the missiles at the police and keeps the hostages in check.
    • James - ALexander's assistant, who loads the missiles and keeps the hostages in check.

Los Angeles Police Department[]

  • Al Powell - A LAPD sergeant and desk cop who responds to McClane's distress call.
  • Dwayne T. Robinson - The stubborn Deputy Chief of Police.

Federal Bureau of Investigation[]

Nakatomi Corporation[]

  • Joe Takagi - President of Nakatomi Trading and Vice-Chairman of Nakatomi Investment group.
  • Harry Ellis - A sleazy, cocaine-using Nakatomi executive.
  • Ginny - Holly's pregnant secretary.

TV News Crew[]

Other characters[]

  • Argyle - The limousine driver send to pick up McClane and take him to Nakatomi Plaza.
  • Paulina - the housekeeper who takes care of the McClane children.
  • Walt - A blue-collar construction worker who is forced by the FBI to cut the Nakatomi Plaza's power with the grid that's 10 square blocks.