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This is the list of characters who appeared in Cliffhanger.

Colorado Search-and-Rescue[]

  • Gabe Walker - A disgraced ex-mountain rescue climber who failed to save Hal's girlfriend from death and now has to confront the terrorists in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Hal Tucker - Gabe's best friend who angrily blames Gabe for Sarah's death.
  • Jessie Deighan - Gabe's girlfriend whom Gabe is distant from since Sarah's death.
  • Frank - A search-and-rescue pilot and friend of Gabe, Hal and Jessie. 


  • Eric Qualen - A psycotic former military intelligence officer turned leader of a gang of thieves.
  • Richard Travers - A turncoat U.S. Treasury agent and Qualen's lieutenant who helps him steal $100 million in a mid-air heist.
  • Kristel - Qualen's pilot and lover.
  • Kynette - Qualen's brutal henchman.
  • Delmar - Qualen's sadistic henchman.
  • Ryan - Qualen's henchman.
  • Heldon - Qualen's henchman.
  • Mike - Qualen's co-pilot who was killed in the botched mid-air heist.
  • Ray - Qualen's sniper who was killed during the mid-air heist.
  • Treasury Jet Pilot - An unnamed rogue Treasury jet pilot who was killed during the botched heist.

U.S. Government agents[]

  • Walter Wright - A U.S. Treasury agent who learns about the mid-air heist.
  • Agent Mathesen - A undercover FBI agent send to investigate a possible mole inside the U.S. Treasury.
  • Agent Michaels - A FBI agent who Mathesen reported to and informs Wright about the plot.

Other characters[]

  • Sarah - Hal's ill-fated girlfriend.
  • Evan - A thrill-seeking young man.
  • Brett - Evan's friend who is also an thrill-seeker.