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This is the list of characters who appeared in Air Force One.

First Family[]


  • Egor Korshunov - A brutal, vicious Kazakh ultranationalist who leads the hijacking of Air Force One.
  • Gibbs - A rogue Secret Service agent who secretly helps Korshunov and his men hijack Air Force One.
  • General Ivan Radek - A tyrannical Kazakh dictator, who imprisoned for trying to start a nuclear war.

Air Force One passengers and crew[]

  • Lloyd Shepherd - Chief of Staff.
  • MajorNorman Caldwell - President Marshall's loyal Air Force advisor.
  • Jack Doherty - National Security Advisor.
  • Melanie Mitchel - Deputy Press Secretary.
  • Colonel Axelrod - Air Force One pilot.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ingraham - Air Force One co-pilot.
  • Agent Johnson - Secret Service agent.
  • Agent Walters - Secret Service agent.

Marshall's Cabinet[]

  • Vice President Kathryn Bennett - Takes charge of the crisis from the White House situation room.
  • Walter Dean - U.S. Secretary of Defense.
  • Andrew Ward - U.S. Attorney General.
  • Thomas Lee - NSA Deputy Director.
  • General William Northwood - High-Ranking U.S. Army General, presumably the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.
  • Major General Samuel Greely - High-Ranking U.S. Air Force General, presumably the Air Force Chief of Staff, who Marshall served under in Vietnam.
  • Colonel Bob Jackson - A.F.O. backup pilot.

Other Characters[]

  • Colonel Jack Carlton - the leader of the F-15 flight group "Halo Flight".
  • President Stolicha Petrov - The President of Russia.