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Leo Lee
DHS- Leo Lee (Open Fire, Swordfish)
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Active: 1989-present
Films appeared in: Open Fire
The Replacement Killers
Walker, Texas Ranger
Role: Nakata
Tony Chan
Gabriel's henchman

Leo Lee is a very common face in the more popular action movies. Without everybody realizing it Leo can be seen as a bad guy, fighter or stuntman in the most popular movies of the last few years, such as Deadly Target, Mortal Kombat, Rising Sun and Blade.

Although his roles are short and most time he loses the fight (since he's the bad guy) Leo is obviously very popular and a great martial artist. Then quality of his movies is also growing as he started with appearances in B-movies and now in A-movies. His carreer started in 1989. After those years he worked as both an actor, but the last 4 years he focussed mainly on acting. His most remarkable role was as Young Master Pain in Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.

Highly skilled in martial arts such as Kali, Jun Fan, Kung Fu, Thai-Kickboxing and Western boxing with over 8 years of stunt performing, Leo is now also a good trainer in stage combat, together with stuntperformer and martial artist Susie Park.