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DHS- Milla Jovovich in The 5th Element

Leeloo (seen in center)

Leeloo was a supernatural being played by Milla Jovovich in 1997's The Fifth Element.

She was genetically created many eons ago by the Mondoshawans and is destined to defeat the great evil every 5000 years from a temple in Egypt, when it appears. Once she has done it, she then goes asleep again and is protected by a secret order of humans there. She was taken by the Mondoshawans from earth for her own protection in 1914, when it became clear to them she was no longer safe there with the humans, who were developing more and more powerful weapons of destruction leavin the secret order with the responsibility of protecting the temple for its use when the time comes.

In 2263 she is revived again and manages to defeat the great evil again with the help of the Mondoshawans, the secret order and Korben Dallas, sent by the government for this purpose, with whom she falls in love.