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DHS- Laurent Dubaku (Arjay Smith) on 24 Season 7

Laurent Dubaku

Laurent Dubaku was a recurring yet minor villain on the seventh season of the TV series "24" and was portrayed by guest star actor Arjay Smith.

He was the son of Colonel Ike Dubaku. He served under the command of General Benjamin Juma as they prepared to infiltrate the White House. He was an often nervous yet energetive military presence and with no real personality outside of his brainwashed attitude.

Day 7[]

After arriving in Washington D.C., Laurent asked Benjamin Juma about his father's whereabouts. Juma insisted that Ike Dubaku would be arriving shortly to join in their fight. Later on, after it was revealed that Udo, a man working under Juma had killed Dubaku, Juma wanted to make sure that Laurent would never find out. The boy once again asked why his father had not arrived. Juma told Laurent that Dubaku got held up and could not make it. Laurent offered to take his father's place on the front lines, but Juma needed him for reconnaissance.

After boarding their ship and heading off the coast, Laurent spotted Renee Walker inside the cabin looking at their White House maps after Juma and the others had already gone underwater for their mission. Renee jumped off the boat into the water, swimming towards shore. Laurent got into a speedboat and gave chase. While chasing Renee, Laurent shot and killed a police officer that was trying to give some assistance to Renee. He eventually caught up to Renee and held her at gunpoint, but she revealed to Laurent that his father had been killed by General Juma, and that he had betrayed them both. With Laurent stunned in disbelief, Renee grabbed a shovel and hit him across the head. After a brief skirmish, Laurent got the upper-hand on Renee and began choking her up against a wall. FBI agent Larry Moss then arrived soon afterwards and shot Laurent, killing him instantly.