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Kynette on Cliffhanger
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Affiliation: Eric Qualen
Profession: Mercenary
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Impaled through a stalactite by Gabe Walker
Played by: Leon Robinson
Film: Cliffhanger
"I wanted you to go to your grave knowing that I'm going to treat the bitch... right! "
―Kynette to Gabe Walker.

Kynette's death.

Kynette was Eric Qualen's psychotic henchman and the tertiary antagonist in Cliffhanger.

Kynette's weapon of choice was a .380 ACP MAC-11 submachine gun.

For his actions and personality in general, he is considered by far the darkest and vilest out of all the henchmen from the Die Hard scenario films.

He was played by Leon Robinson.


A foul-mouthed, mean-spirited and psychopathic bully who always got into fights with the equally bullying and psychotic Delmar, Kynette is displayed as a sadistic monster who is willing to kill whoever it takes to prove a point, intimidate or get what he wants. Kynette ambushes Gabe Walker while he tries climbing out of a cave and draws his MAC-11 on him, demanding the money. Gabe at first seems to comply but suddenly rips a climbing pick through the snow and buries it in Kynette's lower leg. Kynette screams in pain and the two drop down into the cave. Gabe and Kynette get into a violent fight together and after Kynette's MAC-11 runs empty, Jessie grabs the weapon and attempts to kill Kynette with it. Kynette taunts her knowing that the weapon is empty and Jessie watches helplessly as Kynette kicks Gabe repeatedly in the face and stomach, still demanding the money. When Gabe claims to have burned it, Kynette draws a large fighting knife and prepares to slit Gabe's throat, but not before letting him know that he plans to kill Jessie. Gabe refuses to let this happen, and despite the pain, finds the strength to lift Kynette above his head and impale him through the chest on a stalactite, killing him instantly. He then discards Kynette's corpse. Kynette underestimated Gabe and paid with his life.


  • "No bullets, bitch!"
  • "Time to kill a mountain man..."
  • "It amazes me, in this day and age, when a man would put money before the personal safety of himself and his bitch."

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