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Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Nationality: United Kingdom
Affiliation: Eric Qualen's group
Profession: Mercenary and pilot
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot three times by Eric Qualen
Played by: Caroline Goodall
Films: Cliffhanger

Kristel's death.

Kristel was Eric Qualen's pilot, mercenary and an antagonist in Cliffhanger.

She was portrayed by British actress Caroline Goodall.

Character Biography[]

Kristel was the lover of Eric Qualen. She also knew how to arm C-4 with blasting caps, to which Qualen remarked she would make a fine wife someday. Kristel responded that he should see her make a cake. 

Although she was arguably the least sadistic of all Qualen's henchmen, Kristel was still a despicable and mean-spirited sociopath with little regard for human life.


However, Kristel met her end after Travers pulled a gun on Qualen. To ensure his own safety and level the playing field, Qualen promptly pulled Kristel aside and reminded Travers that he is the only certified pilot besides Kristel. Knowing something is wrong, Kristel asks what he is doing, and he tells her that the real meaning of life is sacrifice before suddenly shooting her three times in the back with his Desert Eagle.  

He then discarded her lifeless body by throwing it out of the helicopter, shocking Travers.