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DHS- Koreans for United Freedom led by Kang in Olympus Has Fallen olympus 3049

The K.U.F.'s terrorist operatives shooting at Mike Banning's position

The Koreans for United Freedom, also known as the K.U.F, was a North Korean paramilitary terrorist organization that wanted the United States of America to pay for what they considered unreasonable and a threat to society after the U.S. tried to assist with the growing conflict between the North and the South sides of Korea.


The organization was formed and conceived sometime during the twenty-first century and how its operatives managed to enter the shores of the United States is still unbeknownst. Whether the various militia that made up the countless legions of North Korean terrorists were either former commandos, mercenaries or a mixture of both is up for debate.

Despite being composed of North Korean mercenaries/commandos/terrorists, it appears that they are not under the direct orders of Pyongyang as the DPRK denied any involvement when Acting President Allan Trumbull contacted North Korea via diplomatic channels.


  • Kang Yeonsak - was the main leader and mastermind behind all various terrorist attacks and the apprehension of the White House
  • Dave Forbes - was a U.S. Secret Service agent who went rogue by helping the K.U.F. take control of the White House
  • Lim - Kang's henchwoman and technical expert of the group who poses as a South Korean security agent
  • Cho - Kang's henchman who poses as a South Korean security agent
  • Yu - Kang's henchman who poses as a South Korean security agent
  • Hundreds of other unnamed North Korean commandos, mercenaries and henchmen

Terrorist Actions Committed[]

  • Smuggled uranium enrichment technology into North Korea from Pakistan back in 2002.
  • Kang and his men were responsible for the 2004 bombing of the British Embassy in Seoul.
  • Were responsible for a hostage crisis in Seoul back in 2007.
  • Murdered several civilians, White House security personnel and U.S. Secret Service agents (including Agent Roma) using a North Korean commando army, modified C-130 Hercules and two armored garbage trucks equipped with gun turrets.
  • Killed and murdered several occupants in the underground White House bunker, including Secret Service Agents Jones and O'Neil.
  • Executed South Korean Prime Minister Lee Tae-Woo and U.S. Vice President Charlie Rodriguez live on the Pentagon's video feed.
  • Also captured and threatened to execute President Benjamin Asher live on the video feed.
  • Suicide helicopter bombing that killed two hostages: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Joe Hoenig and Presidential aide Mary Jane Fuller along with the rescue crew as well.
  • Attempted to cause and expand numerous casualties by detonating nuclear ICBM silos around the country with the activation of a fail-safe military protocol, Cerberus.