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Knock Out is a Bollywood film directed by Mani Shankar. Released on 15 October 2010, the film stars Sanjay Dutt, Irfan Khan and Kangna Ranaut. Knock Out is an unauthorized remake of Phone Booth. In October 2010, the Bombay High Court ordered the film's producers to pay a portion of their revenues to 20th Century Fox who own the rights to Phone Booth. The film was a disaster at the Indian boxoffice.[1]


  • Sanjay Dutt as Veer Vijay Singh
  • Kangna Ranaut as Nidhi Shrivastava
  • Irfan Khan as Bacchoo/ Tony Khosla
  • Gulshan Grover as Bapuji
  • Rukhsaar Rehman as Tony's Wife
  • Apoorva Lakhia
  • Sushant Singh as Inspector Vikram
  • Asif Basra
  • Silvio Simac
  • Bikramjeet Kanwarpal as Nidhi's boss


Knock Out is a fast paced thriller that happens in real time. In just two hours 11am to 1pm an enigmatic vigilante pulls off an incredible, mind blowing coup and a new chapter of Indian history is written.

Sanjay Dutt plays a new age lone ranger who has the latest weapons and gadgets at his fingertips, and is a man who trusts and depends on no one. Working alone, he effortlessly uses his wit, his skills at hand to hand combat, and his love for stealth technology, to manipulate and trap his elusive target.

The target, played by Irrfan, is a street smart investment banker who has made his way to the upper echelons of power. A man who unwittingly holds the keyto India’s destiny, Irrfan is a man consumed by his own obsessions, an extremely clever and unstoppable foe. Through a brilliant play of truth and pretense, Sanjay strips Irrfan of his arrogance and attitude, opens his heart and confounds his brain, locking him in a tangle beyond redemption… a tangle which can only be unraveled one way… leading to the biggest ‘counter heist’ in the history of this nation.


Knock Out was poorly received by critics. Nikhat Kazmi of The Times of India rated the film 2 out of 5 stars.[2]


The film's music is given by Gourov Dasgupta with background score by Atul Raninga and Sanjay Wandrekar. The soundtrack has five original tunes, one remix and an alternate version of one song.

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