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DHS- director Kevin Hooks (Passenger 57, Irresistible Force)

Director and Producer Kevin Hooks

Kevin Hooks (born September 19, 1958) is an American actor, and a television and film director; he is notable for his roles in Aaron Loves Angela and both versions of the film Sounder (both which starred Paul Winfield), but may be best known as Morris Thorpe from TV's "The White Shadow".

Kevin Hooks was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of Yvonne, a state employee, and Robert Hooks, a director and actor who starred in many films in the 1970s as well as films of his son's. Kevin's nickname amongst his friends is "King Royal".

When he was still 10, Kevin starred in the acclaimed "J.T.," a 1969 episode of the "CBS Children's Hour" about a thoughtful Harlem youth who befriends a sick cat. Written by Jane Wagner, it was a Peabody Award winner and remains widely available.

Hooks lived in Southwest, Washington, DC in the late 70's. In 1986, he starred in the short-lived ABC sitcom "He's the Mayor". In 1991, Hooks directed the film Strictly Business (with Halle Berry), and also appeared in one scene opposite Kim Coles. He directed Wesley Snipes in Passenger 57, Laurence Fishburne in Fled, and also Patrick Swayze in Black Dog. Hooks worked for the longest time as a director and producer on the acclaimed and highly rated series "Prison Break", which ran for four seasons. He also directed and produced various episodes of "Philly", "Soul Food", "24", "NYPD Blue", "Lost", "Lincoln Heights", "Human Target", "Drop Dead Diva", "Bones", "Detroit 1-8-7" and "Last Resort".

Die Hard Scenario Films[]

  • Passenger 57 (Director)
  • Irresistible Force (Director)
  • Black Dog (Director)
  • 24 (4 episodes- Director)
  • Human Target (2 episodes- Director; 5 episodes- Executive Producer)
  • Person of Interest (1 episode- Director)
  • Last Resort (1 episode- Director; 5 episodes- Executive Producer)