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"I never envisioned when I was reading that comic as a 17-year-old that I would have the opportunity to actually play the character."
―Karl Urban on portraying Judge Dredd
Karl Urban
Karl Urban by Gage Skidmore
Name: Karl-Heinz Urban
Birthplace: Wellington, New Zealand
Birthdate: June 4, 1972
Active: 1990-present
Films appeared in: Doom
Star Trek (2013 videogame)
Star Trek Into Darkness
Almost Human
Role: Staff Sgt. John "Reaper" Grimm
William Cooper
Judge Dredd
Leonard "Bones" McCoy
Detective John Kennex

Karl-Heinz Urban (born in Wellington on 7 June, 1972) is a New Zealand actor.


He is known for playing Éomer in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the 2009 film Star Trek (with Chris Pine). He played Vaako in The Chronicles of Riddick (with Colm Feore, Terry Chen, Nick Chinlund, Christina Cox and Keith David) and it's 2013 sequel Riddick, Staff Sergeant main hero John "Reaper" Grimm in the 2005 video game adaptation Doom, the Russian assassin Kirill in The Bourne Supremacy (with Matt Damon), the protagonist Ghost in Pathfinder, CIA Agent William Cooper in RED (with Bruce Willis) and Judge Dredd in the 2012 film Dredd. He won acclaim for his performances in the New Zealand films The Price of Milk and Out of the Blue. In fall of 2013 to spring of 2014, Urban was one of the lead protagonists, along with Michael Ealy, on the short-lived FOX series "Almost Human" (which in it's third episode even had an episode containing an entire homage to the original Die Hard).

Personal Life[]

Urban married Natalie Wihongi (who was his makeup artist on The Privateers) in September 2004. Together they have two sons: Hunter, born November 2000, and Indiana ("Indy"), born January 2005 and named for the eponymous hero of the Indiana Jones franchise which Urban has cited as among his favorite films. They live in Auckland, New Zealand.

Urban serves as a celebrity ambassador for KidsCan, a charity which currently supports over 16,000 disadvantaged children in New Zealand by providing them with essentials such as food, clothing, and shoes. 

He is a fan of rugby union; in particular, the New Zealand All Blacks national team and likes to fish and surf in his spare time.