Die Hard scenario Wiki

Section pulls trigger, killing Menendez at point blank. If Harper is alive, section then approaches him

Section: I got you brother.

Section helps Harper get up

Harper (if alive): You had me worried there. For a minute, I thought you were going to let that bastard live.

Section then walks outside (along with Harper).

Section: Over here!

Section calls over an army ranger who then helps Harper Walks away.

Harper (if alive): Later, Section.

Then A Enemy Nazi German Police Man Came to Section.

Nazi German Police Man: Did you shoot Raul Menendez?

Section: Yes. I did. I was pretty good at black ops.

Nazi German Police Man: Oh. Alright. Well, if Black Ops 3 is the release date and black ops 4 that's your job. Have fun, Section.

Section: Great. I'll deal with it and is over.

Then Nazi German Police Man Leaves And Section Looks over to find a young boy carrying his sister, trying to ask a JSOC Soldiers for help. He looks up to see the VTOLs departing.