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Judge Kaplan
"I've got her cold. I see her first, I shoot her. She sees me first, she hesitates, I shoot her."
―Kaplan on Cassandra Anderson.

Judge Kaplan was a crooked Judge from the streets of Mega-City One.

She was portrayed in the 2012 film Dredd by actress Michele Levin.


Judge Kaplan has worked as a street judge for the Mega-City One Justice Department for many years. However she became dissilusioned with the city and justice system leading her to become a rogue judge, working as a mercenary for hire for crime lords with the funds to purchase her services. 

One day, druglord Ma-Ma bribes Kaplan and other corrupt judges Lex, Alvarez and Chan with a million dollars split four ways to kill the reknown Judge Dredd and the on assesment rookie judge Cassandra Anderson. However, their cover was blown when Chan attacks, and is promptly killed by Dredd.

Anderson escaped from Kay so Kaplan tells Ma-Ma she will kill Anderson, either by spotting her first or through Anderson's own hesitation. Anderson then encounters Kaplan, who tells Anderson to put down her gun as she is her backup. However, Anderson quickly kills Kaplan after reading her mind and learning of her true nature, before proceeding to kill Judge Lex as well.

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