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"Judges die in persuit of duty."
―Alvarez on how they will make it look how Dredd and Anderson died.

Judge Alvarez was a corrupt judge in Mega City One.


He was portrayed by Edwin Perry in the 2012 film Dredd.


Judge Alvarez has worked as a street judge for the Mega-City One Justice Department for many years. During this time he became disilusioned with the city and justice system leading him to become a corrupt judge who works as a covert mercenary. His price was one million dollars split four ways.

One day Ma-Ma bribes Alvarez and other corrupt judges Lex, Chan and Kaplan to execute the renown Judge Dredd. Their cover was blown when Chan attacks, and is killed by Dredd. Dredd then killed Alvarez with his last round of ammunition; a high explosive round which blows his head apart. A piece of his helmet lands on the ground in front of the camera as Dredd leaves.

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