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DHS- Joseph Sin-Chung, villain in 24 The Game

Joseph Sin-Chung

Joseph Sin-Chung was the secondary antagonist of 24: The Game. He was voiced by actor Lei Yin.

Character Summary[]

Assuming the position of Peter Madsen's second-in-command, Joseph went undercover as the recently murdered Lee Jin Yu (unbeknownst at the time) so that CTU Los Angeles took the bait and sent Tony Almeida to rescue him from a fake hostage situation.

They brought him in for interrogation and Sin-Chung unlocked the PDA which held a hidden EMP device, taking out all of CTU's computers and electronics aside from shielded rooms such as Tech 1 and M3. Sin-Chung was the technological person, uploading the data from the CTU hard drive and has tech labs inside his base, located on 62837 West Vista Road.

Later on, Sin-Chung figured how to create the earthquake by using a synchronizer that was rendered unusable during a firefight. This forced undercover agent Chase Edmunds to go and steal another one. Once Chase broke cover, Sin-Chung and a team of men chased him, knocked his car off the road, and attempted to kill him at an abandoned sawmill. Sin-Chung was the last man to go, but Chase killed him in a gun battle a short distance from the sawmill. Chase then kicked away the firearm from Joseph's hand and after making sure he was deceased, he roam aged through Joseph's pockets and answered an incoming phone call from Virgil who was sending the sending the coordinates for where he would have to pick up Sonny, one of the conspirators, at 34002 West Lassen by truck.