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DHS- Ex-officer and vigilante Jorge Ramos (Gilbert Hiracheta) in The Task web series

Officer Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos is the main protagonist and one of the primary vigilantes in the web series "The Task". He is portrayed by actor Gilbert Hiracheta.

The Task[]

Ramos is forced to hand in his badge following a botched robbery and shoot-out by some deadly criminals, consisting of felons Gus, Lucas, Curly, Brass and Mask. The off-screen shoot-out claims the lives of three police officers. Dallas P.D. Captain Liotta tells him to turn in his badge, which Ramos does reluctantly, shortly quitting afterwards.

The Task- ex-Ofc Ramos takes aim

Ex-police officer Ramos takes aim

Soon afterwards, Ramos decides to keep an eye on a police radio and pursues the robbers to a getaway after they have a stand-off with Dallas S.W.A.T. at a mall. Ramos shoots Lucas dead, gets injured by Lucas' brother Gus and his hearing is temporarily disrupted. Police Lt. Manuel Acosta shoots Gus dead after noticing the two in a stairway corner but Ramos then returns blindly returns the shots after hearing the gunfire, accidentally killing Lt. Acosta. Following this incident, Liotta makes sure that his police cronies send Ramos to the nearest jail that can hold him for his inexcusable actions.

After escaping a prison ground where Liotta's police assassin Johnson attempts to kill both Ramos and ex-robbery member Mask, Ramos is saved by the last likely allie: Tavon, former Tactical SWAT Sniper for Dallas P.D. All three later unite, following the escape, and band together to take down Liotta and the rest of the corrupted Dallas police district.

Background Information and Notes[]

  • The character previously served 30 years as a member of the Dallas police force prior to quitting.
  • The character was co-created by portrayer Gilbert Hiracheta, who also had a hand in some of the story arc developments.
  • The character was inspired by the general personas of tough-guy actors like Charles Bronson as well as character such as Frank Castle in The Punisher film/comic book series and Bryan Mills in the Taken film franchise. The premises he is involved in are rather typical of a protagonist in a Training Day or Die Hard type film.