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DHS- Agent Jonathan Ecks (Antonio Banderas) in Ballistic

Agent Ecks

Jonathan "Jeremiah" Ecks is the main protagonist of 2002's Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever and is portrayed by Antonio Banderas.

Agent Ecks isn't a skilled fighter and is a smoking addict but is fast on his feet and skilled with machine guns, pistols and shotguns. He is listed as having a doctorate in criminology.



Haunted by the mysterious death of his wife, Jeremiah Ecks has become a recluse, but the former FBI manhunter is blackmailed back into service to track down an unstoppable ex-DIA operative, code-named Agent Sever (Lucy Liu), who has kidnapped the young son of the head of a secret committee of international security agencies.

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Ecks later discovers that Sever was saving the boy since the head of the organization is actually seeking Sever's nanobite technology which would be lethal if it fell in the wrong hands. These organizations have been sponsoring terrorist activities which had yet to be proven. Ecks realizes Sever is fighting the same fight he is and helps her take down the agencies various masked henchmen at an abandoned train yard after reuniting with his estranged wife who was kidnapped by the rogue agency's big-cheese. Ecks also discovers that the son is his actually his own as well and later thanks Sever, who vanishes mysteriously, for helping him defuse this unusual deadly spy force.