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Jon Voight on Season 7

Jonas Hodges is one of the key villains on the seventh season of the TV series "24" and was previously seen in the 2008 Redemption telefilm. He is portrayed in all appearances by actor Jon Voight.


Hodges was the chief executive officer of the private military company Starkwood, who supplied the African warlord General Benjamin Juma, a rebel in Sangala, with weapons for his military coup. During Day 7, he provided Juma with intelligence, equipment, and other support for a raid on the White House in exchange for a testing ground for a biological weapon developed by Starkwood.

The weapon would be used to force the United States to give responsibility of the national security of the country to Starkwood and other private military companies. He upset the Prion variant cabal for exposing himself and using the bio weapon for personal use, and they wanted him dead, believing he had some sort of psychotic breakdown. Towards the end of Day 7, he was killed by a car bomb arranged by Olivia Taylor for his complicity in the murder of her brother.