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Jon Braver
DHS- Jon Braver (24, Sleeper Cell, The Dark Knight Rises, Depth Charge)
Active: 1998–present
Films appeared in: Crank
Sleeper Cell
The Kingdom
Depth Charge
The Dark Knight Rises
Role: Stunts/Stunt Double

Jon Braver is a director for film and theatre as well as a stuntman and stunt coordinator. After years of work with the the top stunt coordinators and directors on film, Jon learned on-the-job training regarding the many complexities of filmmaking. He also created the first ever interactive horror theatre company called Haunted Play. He doubled actors such as David Dayan Fisher, Carlo Rota, Joe Pantoliano, Faran Tahir, Jason Statham and Adoni Maropis in addition to playing various terrorists on the show "24" and blockbusters such as I Am Number Four, The Dark Knight Rises and American Sniper.