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DHS- Dean Ambrose in 12 Rounds 3- Lockdown

John Shaw

John Shaw is the protagonist of the WWE Studios and Lionsgate film 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown and is portrayed by WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose.

Shaw has just returned to duty from his seven months break for psychiatric treatment following his rookie cop partner Ray Jones’ death. Everyone still seems to blame Shaw for the death of the young police officer, even though he was cleared completely.

Both Shaw and Tyler Burke once came through the police academy together and actually were close friends. But things changed over the years because Shaw wanted to serve the badge and the people. He is the kind of police officer who acts after the law and doesn’t make up any rules by himself. He’s a rather quiet cop who just wants to do his job as best as he can. He’s introvert and no-one really takes notice of him or takes him seriously. He’s very smart though but didn’t really get the chance to show his talent because he doesn’t force himself to the front row to get noticed – quite the opposite to Burke. [1]