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DHS- John Matthews (Dwayne The Rock Johnson) in Snitch (2013)

John Matthews

John Matthews was a blue collar construction work manager and heroic civilian-turned-protagonist of 2013's Snitch. He was portrayed in the film by wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson.

Character Summary[]

While trying to make ends meet at his exhausting job he hired ex-cons and other guys willing to flex their muscles for standard minimum wage, John found out that his son, Jason, had been set up as part of a drug deal takedown as part of an FBI raid. Seeking to at least lessen his son's prison sentencing, John managed to break a deal with the FBI where he went undercover and found the Mexican cartel source of the drug trafficking. To do this, John had to ask a favor from one of his business workers, Daniel James, an ex-con hoping to distance himself from any criminal activity that he could.