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DHS- Kevin Bacon in Trapped (2002)

Joe Hickey

Joe Hickey is the primary antagonist of the 2002 thriller film Trapped. He is portrayed in the film by actor Kevin Bacon.

Character Summary[]

Joe and his wife, Cheryl, lose their daughter Katie who died by supposed negligence by a doctor named Will Jennings, who is now married and a father. This caused Joe to start kidnapping rich children and forced their parents to pay the ransom for 24 hours or end up blackmailing them.

Joe's next target was Will who's now living happy with his wife Karen and their daughter named Abby who suffered from asthma. When Karen and Abby went for ice cream, Joe's cousin Marvin kidnapped Abby and Karen was panicked to find her daughter. Joe ends up holding Karen hostage for the majority of the film while also trying to seduce her.