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DHS- officer Jim Street (Colin Farrell) in S.W.A.T

Jim Street

Police Officer III Jim Street is an United States Navy officer-turned-LAPD S.W.A.T. team member. He is portrayed in the 2003 movie S.W.A.T. by Colin Farrell.

Character Summary[]

Street is a member of the SWAT team who gets depromoted to the "Gun Cage" for 6 months after his ex-partner Brian Gamble accidentaly shoots a hostage while the two of them are defusing a bank heist. He is greeted by Hondo when he is offered the chance to get back on SWAT. He joins five other team members, Sanchez, Deke, McCabe and Boxer and they embark on a mission to take down Alex Montel who has stunned the mark of his team mate McCabe and ex-partner Gamble for the reward of $100,000,000.