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Jim Phelps

Jim Phelps is a supporting character and later revealed to be the main villain in the 1996 movie version of Mission: Impossible and is portrayed by veteran actor Jon Voight.

Movie Version of the Character[]

Phelps serves as the Impossible Mission Force team leader and starts out as a friend/mentor/father-figure of Ethan Hunt. After being driven into having a psychotic breakdown by his disillusionment following many years of service, he is secretly involved in a conspiracy and during one of their missions he fakes his own death while three other IMF agents die courtesy of him.

Later on in the film, he appears before Hunt and betrays him after it is revealed he faked his death and sold out the U.S. to a weapons dealer known as Max. During the climax, Phelps and Hunt fight on the roof of a speeding train, and as Phelps tries to escape in a helicopter, Hunt destroys it with an exploding chewing gum gadget. The flaming remains of the helicopter then crush the psychotic and sociopathic Phelps into the train tracks, to his death.