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Jessie in Cliffhanger.

Jessie Deighan is a Search-and-Rescue climber and helicopter pilot. She is the secondary protagonist in the 1993 thriller, Cliffhanger.

She was played by Janine Turner.

Character Biography[]

A certified helicopter pilot, Jessie is shown to be intelligent and strong-willed. She is present when Gabe witnesses Sarah fall to her death at the bottom of the tower. When Gabe returns from Denver so he can pick up his things, he asks Jessie to come with him so he doesn't have to live where he will always be reminded of his failure. She refuses, saying that she is happy here and that she has moved on with her life while he is clinging to the past. Jessie angrily leaves for work and Gabe is left to ponder his thoughts. Later that day she convinces Gabe to help Hal save a crew of a crashed plane and he reluctantly agrees.

When they arrive, Gabe and Hal are attacked by Eric Qualen's gang of mercenaries and forced to look for cases of money they lost in the mountains. Jessie later arrives at the old mill where Gabe has hinted that they are while being held hostage. Gabe, freezing after escaping them, has taken shelter there. Jessie immediately helps him, gives him some eighty year old clothing and climbing equipment and they set out to stop the terrorists on their own, because they can´t call the state police in time.

They arrive the second suitcase before the others and give Hal an opportunity to survive. Jessie and Gabe then sleep near a fire together for the first time in months unavoidably burning the money on the way making it the most expensive fire in history. The next day Jessie is saved by Gabe from the sadistic Kynette, who is after the money on Qualen´s orders and, later on, Jessie is captured by Qualen, who Gabe kills after negotiating her release.

After all this is over, Jessie and Gabe embrace and their relationship is fully restored.

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