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DHS- Jenny, daughter of John Matrix in Commando


Jenny Matrix was John Matrix's only daughter in 1985's Commando. She was portrayed by actress and current activist Alyssa Milano.

Character Summary[]

Jenny was kidnapped by Bennett and his henchmen who were all working for former dictator Arius. Having been held captive for days, Jenny attempted to escape at least one and was nearly killed.

After finally successfully escaping once more and being chased By Bennett while John was taking down the entire compound, Jenny manages to flee to a safe corner where she's hidden. She later reunites with her father and his ally Cindy at the very end of the film.

Background Information and Notes[]

  • Unlike most of these scenarios, despite being the main reason that the protagonist is out for blood and taking down various henchmen, Jenny's screentime is rather brief compared to the rest of the characters
  • It's never stated who her mother was or where she is in the film.
    • In the Director's Cut, John reveals to Cindy that Jenny's mother died giving birth to her while he was stationed in Laos. His regret for this, as well as for missing several important moments in Jenny's early life, led him to retiring so he could be with her full-time.
  • Despite never happening, Jenny becomes the victim of much graphic threatening which is arguably more so than what is typically seen happening nowadays on-screen in similar movies (i.e. Taken and Live Free or Die Hard included).