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DHS- Matt Battaglia on 24

FBI Agent Jennings on Season 5

Jennings is a brief supporting character who appears in a key episode of both the fifth and sixth seasons of "24" and is portrayed by actor Matt Battaglia.


During Day 5, Jack Bauer with the help of CTU agent Chloe O'Brian, went to Wayne Palmer's penthouse to find evidence of who framed him for the assassination of David Palmer.

The authorities were notified of Jack's presence at the scene. While trying to escape, Agent Jennings and other agents surrounded the van (formerly belonging to Conrad Haas) which Chloe was operating. Chloe drove out, but was stopped quickly. Jack and Derek Huxley had escaped from the van, leaving Chloe in it alone. Jennings called Bill Buchanan at CTU, who instructed the Secret Service agent to bring Chloe to CTU.

During Day 6, Jennings assisted in placing a wire on Walid Al-Rezani after he overheard a conversation concerning the nuclear bombs put in place by Abu Fayed.

He entered the holding facility and created a fake hatred for him so that other inmates would sympathise. In actual fact he was taking Walid away to place the wire on him.