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―Japhet's last word.

Japhet was a low ranking enforcer in Ma-Ma's Clan during the lockdown of Peach Trees mega block. 


He was wounded during a failed ambush of Judges Dredd and Anderson, being the sole survivor out of a group of ten Ma-Ma enforcers. Mortally wounded and bleeding from the mouth, Japhet reaches for a Walther P38 pistol before noticing Judge Anderson standing above him. He begs for his life, and Anderson hesitates, unsure if she wants to take a human life. Judge Dredd reminds her that Japhet attempted to kill a Judge, which is a crime punishable by death. Anderson promptly executes Japhet with a point-blank gunshot to his forehead from her Lawgiver machine pistol.

It is later discovered that Japhet had a wife named Cathy and an infant child.

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