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"The Vice President in this case is like the Queen of England. You can't even buy airline tickets without talking to someone like me. Therfore, let me speak to The White House because I can assure you, I'm the one person who can make this all work out."
―Jack Doherty to Egor Korshunov

Jack Doherty was President James Marshall's National Security Advisor in Air Force One.

He is played by Tom Everett.

Air Force One[]

Jack Doherty had a rather signifigant role in the film. He was seen conversing with President James Marshall about his foreign policy, who advised him to tread cautiously on saying he will not negotiate with terrorists. He bravely dealt with terrorist Egor Korshunov, who later killed him. 

He was displayed as a brave, noble man who died for his country.

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