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The Net Jack

Jack Devlin was played by Jeremy Northam in the movie The Net.

He was a contract killer whose real name is unknown and who took that name for his activities. He is a psychopath working for The Praetorians with extensive computer knowledge. He had the job to kill Angela Bennett, because she was on the verge of unknowingly exposing them through a disk she had received from a colleague of hers, who was murdered, too. For that purpose he becomes her lover in order to kill her with a gun equipped with a silencer at the right moment, but it failed. Since then he hunted her in every way possible to the point of erasing her existence and put her under the name Ruth Marx, a criminal. He even murdered others for that purpose.

The real Ruth Marx was his partner and he accidentally killed her with his gun in another attempt to kill Angela. Shortly after that he was killed by Angela Bennett, who threw him from a bridge with a fire extinguisher at a computer exposition when he tried to kill her with a gun again through deception not knowing that she was correspondingly prepared for it.