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General Ivan Radek
Name: Ivan Radek
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Nationality: Kazakh (formerly Soviet)
Affiliation: Communist warlord
Profession: Dictator
Rank: General
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot four times in the back by Russian guards
Played by: Jürgen Prochnow
Film: Air Force One

General Ivan Radek was the genocidal dictator of the Soviet regime of Kazakhstan imprisoned for war crimes and the secondary antagonist of Air Force One (film).

Early Life[]

General Radek was a brutal dictator of the terrorist regime of Kazakhstan who had possession of former Soviet nuclear weapons. He intended to use that arsenal of nuclear weapons on central Asia that would kill millions of people to bring back the Soviet Union.

Air Force One[]

At the Presidential Palace in Kazakhstan, Radek was asleep when his bodyguards woke up to warn him troops are here. Just as he woke up, Russian and American troops killed the two guards near him and captured the dictator. As they forced the General to the roof, Radek was taken to the helicopter despite resistance from his bodyguards. Then they blew the roof to prevent his bodyguards shooting at the chopper.

Three weeks later, the bearded Radek was in his cell when guards came in and told him he was being released when a group of Russian terrorists, led by Egor Korshunov, hijacked Air Force One and forced President James Marshall to have Russian President Petrov release him. As he was being released, several prisoners began singing in celebration of his release. As Radek was signing a form of his release and got changed to his military uniform, the guards let him to the courtyard where his troops wait to pick him up. Then he was lead to the courtyard, Radek salutes his troops who salute him. As the pleased dictator was walking down the courtyard, the Russian guards puts the light on him and tells him to stop after Marshall retakes Air Force One and tells Petrov to stop Radek. The general ran to the gate while the Russian guards opened fired at him. As his troops cover fire at him, Radek made it pass the gate, but before he can get to the helicopter, he was shot four times by Russian guards and he fell dead to the cold cement outside the prison.


  • The end credits erroneously lists him as "General Alexander Radek" rather than General Ivan Radek.
  • Actor Jurgen Prochnow had earlier played a terrorist role in the Die Hard-inspired film Intercepter.

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