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DHS- Irina Vlaslov (Kate Winslet) in Triple 9


Irina Vlaslov was the primary villain and the wife of an incarcerated Russian mobster in Triple 9. She was portrayed in the film by actress Kate Winslet.

Character Summary[]

The wife of another infamous (and only mentioned) Russian mob buss, the sister of Elena and often seen with her main henchmen Ben Feldman and Yussel Gotlib, Irina's reputation was well known in the criminal underworld for being quite brutal and always having her way at the end of every deal that went down.

She forced Michael Atwood and his robbery crew (which consisted of ex-police officers, corrupt policemen and former Blackwater private contracted military soldiers) to go rob a second highly valued bank vault which had some encrypted information her husband needed for coding and other illegal matters. At first Atwood said he couldn't make it happen but after Irina had her men fatally rough up robbery member Russell Welch, promise more deadly consequences and refused to settle for what amount they had previously asked for in the initial robbery, Atwood realized he was going to have to convince his crew to get their act together and have this be their final robbery. Irina promised Atwood that he would get to be with his old flame who happened to be her sister, Irina, and his son, Felix very soon if he did what was asked.

Unfortunately, since either half the crew got killed, was being hunted down by law enforcement or had other matters to attend to, Atwood ended up committing the robbery alone with only Franco Rodriguez at his side. Eventually Irina didn't keep her end of the deal and ended up sending away Atwood's wife and child to an exotic island somewhere. After being roughed up by Irina's thugs and shouted at in the most derogatory way, Atwood finally got even as he had armed his case of money to be rigged with a bomb (a speciality he was able to create while doing his various robberies and presumably had learned back in his days of the military). Atwood exploded the vehicle, killing Irina and briefly becoming even.