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Hughes is the secondary antagonist of the film Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist and is portrayed by comedic actor Eddie Steeples.

Character Backstory[]

Hughes is a cowardly safecracker who always eats when he is nervous. He is hired by the art thief Sinclair to rob the lost Edvard Munch's painting The Widow in the former house of a legendary gangster named Jimmy "Dead Leg" Gravano, which is currently occupied by the Baxter family.

While the family leaves their home to go shopping, Hughes, Sinclair and his henchwoman Jessica break into the house and Hughes begins to open the safe containing the painting. However, the Baxters return home before the thieves get it, forcing them to quickly flee.

The following day, Finn Baxter, the youngest child of the Baxter family, overhears the three thieves discussing of the plans to break into his house, therefore he returns home and sets up numerous booby traps around the house a second time. Afterwards, the trio comes to the house and triggers the traps one by one. Hughes finally manages to capture Finn and then he opens the safe once again. However, Hughes has to fight with Sinclair because the latter wants to keep the painting while Hughes wants to sale it. Finn later manages to escape and triggers a trap that locks the thieves, and shortly after the police arrive to arrest them.

The three thieves are last seen having their mugshots at the police station.