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Det. Holdaway

Detective Holdaway is a minor character in the Quentin Tarantino film Reservoir Dogs and is portrayed by Randy Brooks.

Character Summary[]

Seen via flashback, Holdaway is friends with Freddy Newandyke, and works with him to bring down Joe Cabot and his gang of robbers. Holdaway meets up with Freddy in a diner and briefs him about the gang. He gives Freddy an amusing anecdote to tell the robbers. It is about a situation with cops in a men's room, and tells Freddy to deliver it in detail. He says how he needs to be a great actor. He watches Fred perform it later on and tells him that he'll do just fine as he found it believable.

Background Information and Notes[]

  • Samuel L. Jackson, a future collaborator with filmmaker Tarantino, originally auditioned for the role. He ended up winning the role of trashtalking hitman Jules Winnfield in 1994's acclaimed Pulp Fiction.