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Hector Williams on Season 2

Sergeant First Class Hector Lucian Williams (United States Army, callsign: Hammerhead) was supporting protagonist on the television show "The Unit" and was portrayed by actor Demore Barnes.

Character Summary[]

Hector was a Unit operator assigned to Alpha Team of the 1st Special Actions Group (official cover as the "303rd Logistical Studies Group"). He was an experienced marksman, and frequently served as a sharpshooter for the team. According to his uniform, he was both Special Forces and Ranger qualified. Williams was likely the most diverse member of Alpha Team. He served as one of the team's medics, and was possibly an SF medical sergeant prior to joining the Unit. He was also cross trained in breaching demolitions. He, along with Charles Grey, also served as an instructor in close quarters battle for a SWAT unit, and designed the deliberate assault plan for the Braydon School Takedown in the "In Loco Parentis" episode.

Hector was fluent in Arabic and Spanish, as well as Papuan Tok Pisin, and could speak German, Portuguese and a Pashto/Urdu dialect. Hector's cover was that of a "logistics clerk". In Season 1, Hector was engaged to the daughter of a retired paratrooper who looked upon Hector with disdain due to his career in "logistics." The paratrooper was familiar with Colonel Tom Ryan, and asked for Hector to be transferred to the 82nd Airborne Division. Ryan let the father know subtly that Hector was not in logistics but actually a counter-terrorist. The father's attitude toward Hector changed, which Hector's fiancée noticed. He came clean to her that he was in counter-terrorism, and she, not seeing job security out of the Army in his future, ended the relationship.

In Season 3, Hector met a woman named Annie at a local bar. She was a waitress and former US Army medic who happened to know Tiffy Gerhardt. They went on a date and then shortly thereafter (with some encouragement from the other Unit women) met up at a local motel in a nearby town. While there, Hector discovered Tiffy and Colonel Ryan having an affair together.

During the Season 3 episode "Five Brothers," Hector was killed when he was hit in the neck with a bullet fired by a sniper as the team made its escape from Hezbollah during the rescue mission in Beirut; the sniper's bullet ricocheted from a bone in Hector's neck into his chest whilst caring for injured team-mate Charles Grey. Grey, who was also Hector's roommate, does however survive the ordeal due to Williams' medical efforts. The cover for his death was that he was transporting documents across an airfield in Turkey when unexploded ordnance blew up, rolling his jeep and killing him instantly. This scenario is called "Play 16."