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Harry Temple is the partner of Jack Traver and is played by Jeff Daniels in the movie Speed.

He helped Jack stop the bomb at the elevator and, when the bomb is placed at the bus, he gives instructions to Jack about it from the phone from his working place. He later managed to track down the bomber and tried to stop him, but the bomber had foreseen beforehand this movement and placed a bomb in his own house killing him and a few other policemen, who followed him there, on the way.

Background Information and Notes[]

  • According to the recent podcast 50 MPH, which chronicles less known trivia and newer interviews about the making of Speed, Harry's original suname in the script was "Sears" before being changed to "Temple".
  • In that same podcast, actor Jeff Daniels also noted in prepping for his characters' death scene on how he was inspired by actor Roy Scheider discussing how he silently reacted in shock to the shark in Jaws so Daniels used a similar approach with his character Harry's final moments.

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