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Harris was a supporting character portrayed by late stuntman and actor Mike Adams in 1985's Commando.

Character Summary[]

Harris was a minor character, who along with Jackson, was assigned by General Franklin Kirby to guard John Matrix at his personal house after Kirby placed Matrix under house arrest following an incident at a Los Angeles mall after having fought Sully and his other criminal contacts.

After one of Arius' henchmen suddenly sniped and killed Harris, Jackson was murdered off-screen by Diaz. John Matrix arrives into another part of his house only to find that Diaz is in his daughter Jenny's bedroom and reminds Matrix that some harm might come to her if he attempts vengeance upon Arius or his organization (which includes even Bennett). Matrix replies "Wrong!" and fatally shoots Diaz in the head avenging Jackson (albeit not Harris since he never found or killed that assassin) and giving the general idea that he is not to be messed with any further.