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Hamri Al-Assad

Hamri Al-Assad was a recurring villain-turned-ally on the sixth season of the television series "24" and was portrayed by actor Alexander Siddig.

Character Storyline Summary[]

Born 19 May 1963, Al-Assad was an Islamic terrorist leader originally blamed for the attacks which took place in the United States during the events of Day 6 and during the preceding eleven weeks. In reality, Assad was in the United States in an attempt to negotiate an ad hoc "peace treaty" between Islamic terrorist groups and the United States. Assad was killed when traitors Reed Pollock and Bruce Carson exploded a bomb in an assassination attempt against Wayne Palmer that same day. Pollock and Carson were trying to frame Al-Assad but if there was anything that prevailed, it was the fact that Assad attempted to shield Wayne from the bombing attack. While Wayne later died from the bombing injuries, he still was able to make some key decisions in his final hours in office as acting president.