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"This isn't war! You just murdered an unarmed woman!!"
―Grace Marshall to Egor Korshunov
Grace Marshall
Grace Marshall on Air Force One
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Nationality: United States of America
Residence(s): Washington, D.C.
Profession: First Lady of the United States
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): President James Marshall
Children: Alice Marshall
Status: Alive
Played by: Wendy Crewson
Films: Air Force One

Grace Marshall is the First Lady of the United States in the film Air Force One. She is married to President James Marshall and has a daughter named Alice.

Air Force One[]

During the events of the film, Grace Marshall was a popular, well-liked first lady who had a good relationship with her husband, President James Marshall, and her 12 year old daughter, Alice. They were watching the football game in his office when the terrorists took over Air Force One and Grace was taken hostage in the conference room.

Later in the film, terrorist mastermind Egor Korshunov holds a gun to Grace's head after she tells him that her husband will not negotiate. Later on, when Egor asks if Alice thinks that he is a monster, and she replies yes. He attempts to tell her that her father is guilty of doing the same things, but she rebuffs him, saying that her father is a great man. Korshunov then kisses Alice and Grace looks away in disgust.

With Marshall and his family held hostage, Korshunov tortures Marshall and explains his actions, saying that the collapse of the Soviet Union had ruined his country. Russian President Petrov is forced to endorse Radek's release. Korshunov and his men celebrate as the event is broadcast over the plane's speakers until Marshall escapes. While Marshall shoots down the remaining terrorists, Korshunov takes Grace to the plane's parachute ramp, but is interrupted by Marshall. Korshunov loses his weapon, and the two fight. Grace attempts to pick up a discarded MP5K submachine gun and use it to shoot Korshunov, but is unable to fire the weapon due to the bondage around her hands and the fact that she could hit her husband. Korshunov is then strangled to death with the parachute chord and Grace reminds Marshall to hurry to halt Radek's release, and Radek is fatally shot attempting to flee custody.

She is reunited with her husband at the end of the film.

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