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Gonzalo Menendez
DHS- Gonzalo Menendez
Birthplace: Miami, Florida, USA
Birthdate: 8 November, 1971
Active: 1995–present
Films appeared in: 24
The Unit
CSI: Miami
12 Rounds
Act of Valor
The Dark Knight Rises
Role: Pablo (24)
CIA Agent Danny Marco (E-Ring)
Vasguez (The Unit)
Clavo Cruz (CSI: Miami)
Ray Santiago (12 Rounds)
Commander Pedros (Act of Valor)
Cop in Manhole (TDKR)

Gonzalo Menendez (born November 8, 1971) is an American actor who has had recurring roles on shows such as "CSI: Miami", "The Event", "Breaking Bad" and the Vin Diesel-produced web-series "The Ropes". He has appeared in films such as The Island (with Glenn Morshower) and Savages (with John Travolta and Sala Baker). Menendez also appeared in the Die Hard scenario films 12 Rounds and The Dark Knight Rises.